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  1. I was wondering (stupid question)_why are males horrible to get? do they not yeild buds? Also, what is the best kind of fertlizer (xx-xx-xx) and also what kind of soil should i buy? when should i fertlize and i am getting 15 seeds and i am going to have the plants right next to each other and i want to know how much lighting and what kind of lighting i shouuld have. what should be the light scedule like 12 hours of light 12 hours of darkness or what? thanks for reading! also what is the difference between salivta and indica
  2. The males don't yield any buds. all they do is produce seed sacks (balls). if you see these on ur plant or plants get them away from the others, or else they will turn hermi. as for the fertilizer im not sure what kind is the best, but you don't really need any ferts until the plant is about 3-4 weeks. If all your seeds sprout ur gonna need a lot of light!!! as for how much i can't really answer---sorry. As for the light schedule you have to have it on at least 18/6 until its time to flower, then you switch to 12/12. when you start the flowering you have to make sure that through the dark period you keep it absolutely dark, NO LIGHT, otherwise they might turn hermi.oh yeah when they are in vegitative state its really best to have it on 24 hour light, but 18/6 will do. make sure you get enough lights for your plants or else you might not get as many buds off of them.Hope this helped a little. good luck.

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