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someone please tell me wtf kind of strain this is!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by digitalriceriot, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. i saw this on a craigslist post for prop215 and it looks super cool. if i could get a strain name or something it would super help me in trying to find this. or if you guys can tell me more about this strain, itd me awesome!!!

  2. please dont buy weed from craigslist.

  3. Dog you're trippin it's fool proof. :rolleyes:

  4. hahahah oh true true i forgot cops dont even care about bud anymore. So OP go for it man make sure you buy a couple ounces so he knows your selling it too.:cool:
  5. post the CL link
  6. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's nearly impossible to tell the strain of weed from just pictures.:rolleyes:
  7. i feel like this is asked like 50 times a day.

    op dont buy weed off of craigslist.
  8. make sure you ask for baggies and a scale too OP
    maybe they will give you a discount:rolleyes:
  9. i know people are always putting up posts to ID strains but i figured since it looks kinda blue that maybe its not so common and i could get a ballpark clue on what it is so i can go out and find it.

    also, whats wrong with buying from craigslist?/> if the dealer is 215 compliant, that means he'll check to make sure check for your card and everythings legit. even if its supposed to be like a sting or bust, they got nothing on you if got your paperwork. for those of you who dont live in CA, prop 215 and sb420 are legislations passed for medical mj and stuff.

  10. any asshole can say that dude, did you know im prob 215 compliant too :rolleyes:

    and yes they do got shit on you because your BUYING it illegally.

    get a fuckin brain

  11. at least......
  12. No, it's certainly possible to buy weed like this completely legally (on the state level). There are a ton of delivery services in CO and I'm sure CA is similar. I could order weed right now cuz there are 24 hour services, even. They allow this because not everyone is capable of going out to buy meds on their own. Buying weed is not illegal provided you have your paperwork and I ALWAYS have my paperwork!
  13. your a nub who bought from craigslist. Don't do that. Your lucky it wasn't a cop. Don't risk it again.

    Also we can never tell you the strain. Its impossible
  14. Again, this type of transaction is completely legal - shit invite some cops over to watch! In CA it's legal to buy weed if you're registered with the medical marijuana registry . I know cops in CO sure are liberal - at least any cops I've run across.
  15. I live in California and AlterEggo is correct as far as legality goes. To the OP, if you want, I can direct you to a few dispensaries in several different areas so you don't have to screw around with craigslist. I've got one in the Beverly Hills area as well as two in San Bernardino County. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  16. I will let the rest of you argue about whether its a scam or not but I will answer the dudes question like he asked. It really is hard to tell just from pictures but if you were to ask me that looks like some gdp maybe? idk thats my wild guess. :smoking:

  17. yup,sorry dude.:wave:

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