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    Here are some pix of my plants. They look like they have Male and femal parts. I have a very high quality image that can be zoomd in on if anyone would like a better look. I will email it or whatever it takes. These are all outside and are just some bag seeds. I guess what im wondering, do male plants still have flowers that look like buds? or could one of these be a hermie or what? I have no idea and do not want to throw out a female even if she was pollunated.

    Please help


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  2. it's possibly a hermie, google what Hermies look like and compare, I can't really tell from the photos.
  3. I cant tell for sure but a few of those pics def look hermi. Pick off all the pollon sacks before they open.
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    If you have a high quality shot of your second pic zoom in and post it. Were going to need a good side-shot of the nodes/forming buds to give you a real guess.

    To answer you're question, it looks like you have a good amount of calyxes so if it is hermie and they all look the same I'd let it go. At least you'll get some smokable bud, though seeded.
  5. Hermie flowers look like little bananas. Thats all you need to know.
  6. :wave:pix number 5 cut them balls off. it will be ok, it still looks smokable sow toke the shit out of it. if it's bag seed it's free weed, if you have more then one move the plants that are not hermie to another spot. you will still get weed to smoke either way not to worry, you just might have a lot of seeds
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    So far ive heard that a few times now.. about how these plants that Ive spent countless hours tending to and bought all the materials needed for a successful grow, but somehow the finished product I grew was free... I just wanted to put that out there.
    Thanks everyone for your help. I have the master of both the collages which has a very high resoulution and size so if anyone wants to leave an Email addy I'll send em out unless there is a way to put it on here...

    I updated some of the photos with higher res. and close ups... check it out!!

  8. Bump Bump these are the pix im referring to
  9. is there any other way to tell that they are done than by looking through a mag lens? The plant has seeds and the seeds look fully developed. I have actually harvested some and sprouted and started them already... So im wondering if the seeds being mature means that the plant is as well and should be harvested. Thanx

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