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  1. I haven't smoked in 9 days and get tested in 4 days. I am 5'2 and weigh around 112 pounds. I go to the gym a lot and sauna as well. I eat relatively healthy and have a high metabolism. I just tested myself and I failed. Last time I used two detoxs and drank two gallons of water in a day and just threw it all u and they didn't even work for me. i feel like the world is against me and I really can't fail this next drug test. Someone help what should I do do cranberry pills really work?
  2. I also forgot to add before I stopped I would smoke every day for 2 months or 3.
  3. Two weeks without toking is not long enough.
    Sorry, but I don't know if you will pass this soon
  4. Stop looking to cheat and go in looking to get a job....
  5. Synthetic urine can be purchased at most head shops or vape shops. Use that but make sure you have it in your pants long enough to bring it to body temperature. The pee cups they give you have a thermo-strip on them and it measures the temperature of the urine which should be very close to 98.6.
  6. You can always flip burgers for a living.

    :thumbsup: *Ding!*

    You want fries with that?

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