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Someone Please Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thedoobieboy, May 28, 2013.

  1. Ok so I had two drug tests today (two different jobs), one in the morning (second piss of the day) and passed, the second (third piss of the day) tested as a non negative and is heading to the lab. But heres the thing, I had a beer during lunch. It was a non dot test and im pretty sure that does not test for alcohol. Could alcohol cause a non negative on a test? Please give any piece of advice you can. Thank you. my heart is in my stomach right now...

  2. Naw, if you fail just tell them you had a drug test earlier and passed it. Seems kind of odd you'd fail this one later in the day. Theyll probably retest then youll pass most likely.

    WHat i think might of happened is you took a test that was better.
  3. agreeed, just say you passed the first one!
  4. its for two different employees, im not sure if it could work like that... but as far as the alcohol goes.. could that cause a non negative? also both tests were a cut off of 50 ng/ml so would that mean its the same type of test? or are there more intense tests with same cut off?
  5. idk but a drug test is a drug test... if you pass one then fail one an hour later thats pure folly...
  6. shoulda been the same type of test then. I dont know but ive never heard of alcohol causing a false positive. maybe that pee just had more thc in it idunno. only bet is to tell them you passed one already if it comes back positive. well atleast you got one job!
  7. perhaps the stripping agents in the alcohol passed tissues containing thc into your urine.  i guess we'll find out.  beer is known for its ability to cleans the urinary and upper dietary tracts.  We'll see.  Don't worry, my son.  This isn't the one that'll take the piss.  You've still got your first meeting.
  8. 50ng/ml is just a measurement of how much thc content it takes to make the test register it as positive. 50ng/ml is actually a pretty high number, the normal is about 20-25ng/ml. You should be fine, I don't think a single beer would be able to throw off the test.
    Are you sure the second test was 50ng/ml? If the first test was 50ng/ml, and the second test was lower than that, that means it is more accurate and can trace even smaller amounts of thc in your system. The only thing I could see beer doing to a urine test would be that it just simply raises the pH level of the urine, which if the test is a nice one, it can throw off the test. So if I were you, I would simply tell them you had a beer, and you passed one earlier. If not, it's not too big of a deal, just ask to take another.
  9. also, i saw on the drug test that there was two lines on the cup.. doesnt this mean its negative? also is there negative, non negative, and positive, or just non negative (which essentially means positive and negative? Also how often does this non negative confirmation test happen and then a negative comes back... thank you
  10. i'm not really sure...bump...hope someone answers.
  11. if someone could add on to this that wold be great. i am devastated right now.

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