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    :( i dont know what happened! it was canoeing at first but still pretty healthy then i moved it outside and i guess i overwatered it cause we had pretty much 2 days of rain and so it got preeeetty cold. (by the way when it was indoors it was going really well) so my thoughts are: Overwatering/Change in pH. Leaves arent crispy. They do feel water logged. idk i just want a quick and easy fix fast! its around a week into flowering. thanks blades! I really hope you can help
  2. Well yeah it's been over watered for sure. Did you take it outside a few hours at a time before you left her outside over night? The sudden cold can stunt them pretty bad.
  3. No I went directly outside. It did, however have around 4hrs of sunlight left (took it out around 2:30pm). I had it in a cool dark place for a week before I moved it and it grew like crazy but I figured itd be okay out there cause I wanted to finally give it light after a weekish. Thanks for the quick response. Heating pad under the pot to warm and possibly evaporate the excess water? Its a professional growers heating pad for my seedlings!

  4. You had it in a cool dark place for a WEEK!?!!? And it grew (you mean STRETCHED) like crazy. Then you put it out in the sun for 4 hours and then overnight and it was really cold? Honestly that plant may be tougher than you thought. What exactly was the rational for leaving it in a week of darkness?

    You shocked her pretty bad. You can't harden a plant up with darkness, you need to expose it to more and more sunlight before you drop her out in the environment.
  5. Ahhhh. Yeah well she needed to be hidden because I was having company and workers over pretty much everyday and it was still wayyy to cold to be outside. And yeah now it's all makin sense. She's just weak and overwatered. How can I save her?

  6. I would get some lights... get a 3 light socket Y's and a 4 pack of 14-28w Daytime (highest Kelvin 5-6k) CFLs. Get an old lamp or something (go to thrift store and find a beat up lamp that has a single bulb socket and cord running down to base and take it apart and break the lamp away from the cord. Plug the cord in hook up 1 Y then the 2 attached to it. Put 4 bulbs in and hang that over the plant. Give her at least 18 hours of light I would just leave it on 24 hours a day. Then after a couple days start giving her sunlight 1 hour then 2 hours then 3 hours etc. Until you can just leave her out there then go about your grow plans as normal.

    Again that is just my advice I don't have direct experience with this but that would make sense for a solution from what I know about the plant.

    If you dont want to buy a light at least get her outside / near a window to get some direct light and let the soil dry up before you water again. (I would even wait till the sides start to crack off the container, but thats your call)
  7. I just want to tell her I'm sorry and have everything be okay lol. Cause she was doing soo well

  8. Well, that is a lot less crazy than the stuff most of Americans believe, but that is another topic. I rather pray to my plants which I love and I know are real than a jealous wizard... again I digress sorry.
  9. Yeah I'm in the process of drying out the soil now. I just don't wanna overheat my plant with too much light. I just need a better draining soil. This one holds wayy too much water cause I had to move it twice to dry soil since it was drooping.

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