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  1. Cloning issues:

    I have always had issues with clones, some have lived, some have died.

    My setup consists of:

    A fairly large wardrobe, 400watt HPS bulb (which i am currently running) and i have a spare 400watt MH bulb, a 150mm extractor fan which extracts from the top of the wardrobe and a air con unit which pumps air into the base of the wardrobe. I generally run the temp between 26 - 29 degrees celcius. My plants are a soil base, which has a percentage of pumice and worm castings blended in.

    i have grown several crops which have been exceedingly good however, always struggled with the rooting stage.

    So pretty much where my issues lie..

    I have tryed taking cuttings from both flowering and non-flowering plants and the process i generally follow is - Taking a diagonal cutting when the light is running, dipping it in clonex gel and placing it in a rockwool medium. I generally dip the rockwool in either water or a small nute blend and then place the cutting immedietly under the 400watt MH/HPS pending which cycle i am on. So... My clones generally look fine when they are initally placed under the light and then by the following day they look quite withered... Some live, some die.

    Can anyone point me in any directions where i might be going wrong?
  2. are you soaking the rockwool 24 hours in 5.5 ph water before making clones?are you cutting just below a leaf node,spliting and scraping a bit of the stem to expose the cambrian layer?you should go under florecent lighting? at first i go for two weeks under flo's.are you using a humidity dome for the first week or so?
    good luck.
  3. Hi there, No, i Have not tryed soaking the rockwool i sorta assumed it was at an optimal level already. I do cut by the node and the cut is fairly angled therefore there is a decent amount exposed. I have just begun trying a dome and if all else fails i guess i will try fluros but with the lumen output of those would i not be just as good putting the clones into the sun?
  4. well, I'm definitely no expert on this subject as I'm just coming up on taking clones soon, but I do know some things you're doing wrong.

    1. the rockwool cubes do need to be soaked for quite a while first, and then shaken to get excess water off.. people recommend the PH 5.5, but that is getting picky... others have just as good of luck soaking in tap water.

    2. a humidity dome should be used if you are doing it this way

    3. the sun is too bright for clones to root.. intense light is bad for them in this stage, AFTER they have roots, it's fine... but they should be preferrably under a weak CFL or flouro tube until they've developed roots... or if you have to do it outside in a shady area

    other tips:

    temperature can effect things.. keeping the area warm and moist can help.

    cut off excess leaves... only want a tiny bit of foliage at the top. this is because the plant has no root system to feed a lot of leaves, so if there are too many it won't be able to supply enough water and they'll die off.

    may want to try carefully scraping off the outer layer of the stem an inch above where you made the cut. gives the roots more area to develop from.

    your biggest problem: the thing that is most likely causing you the most problems is you're putting them in too intense of light. if you keep them under the 400w they'd need to be probably 4 feet away... that's why I suggested flourescents
  5. Thanks for the help guys, trying it out eh.

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