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Someone Please Help Me :/

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jigmau, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Hey guys. I was recently put in a situation where I can't smoke after being high (all day, ever day) for about 4-5 months straight.
    During that time I was also alone for the first time in my life and experienced severe loneliness each day. I used weed to help 
    suppress my emotions and to cope with the loneliness. Now that I have stopped I am anxiety-ridden. I have daily panic attacks, 
    random outbursts of crying and nausea.I also have feelings of depersonalization and irritability (I don't feel like myself anymore)
    It feels like I'm going to snap. Is this normal? Do I have 5 months of emotions left to 
    catch up on? I hope to God this is not permanent and that I've somehow damaged my brain by staying high like that for so long for 
    the wrong reasons. Can someone PLEASE offer me some insight. It feels like it's only getting worse...I fell asleep last night with anxiety and woke up with it.

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    I have some of this too, but you need to slow down your smoking habits. Only try to smoke 1-2 times a week. You're probably going through depression. You need to get out in the world and explore and find something you really like and enjoy, a release. For example, my release is clubbing on the beach. Your release could be painting classes, cooking classes, volunteer work in Africa, writing, etc. You need to learn to love your release sober at first, then you can incorporate weed back into your life. I also recommend meditation and drinking lots of tea :)
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  3. Go see a Doctor if you're THAT freaked out. I only made a few things out of your post:
    • Smoked for 4-5 months straight, claimed to be high 24/7
    • Abused weed
    • Claims emotional problems
    • Claims mental problems
    A Doctor would be able to give you medical insight.
  4. Whyd u have to quit???? N ya meditation. Find some beautiful scenery and a nice lawn chair and sit back and relax and watch it (with or without some weed).
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  5. I quit smoking abruptly after 4-5 months of HEAVY smoking.
  6. withdrawl and detox is a bitch. I go through that too.
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  7. See, these were the 4-5 months after leaving my parents house and finishing school and moving into an apartment on my own. Loneliness every day. I'm now with them again but now I'm facing these problems after not being able to smoke (they live in a different country and it's impossible to acquire weed here). I didn't even know that psychological withdrawal from weed was possible. 
  8. Does anyone have an estimate as to how long this will take to subside? I'm at one week now since my last bong of Sour D and this is the worst I've felt since I've stopped.
  9. My experience has been about 2 weeks. The key thing to remember is moderation. Marijuana is supposed to be recreational and not a crutch. It should be used to enhance the things we enjoy, Not a reason for enjoyment. I've been where You are several times.
    I haven't smoked in a couple of months simply because I don't feel the need to. I still love it. During this time I have always kept a nice sized stash. But I felt myself getting off center So I decided to "dry out." Funny thing is I still "play" with my weed everyday. most of My friends and acquaintances smoke. And I've taken on a different role within our circle other than just partaking in festivities. The seasons are changing, I have a few things in my life that I would like to change... And I am grateful for being able to endure the "withdrawal phase so that I can step back and take a look at things. Hang tight, It seems like hell at first. but after 2 weeks It's like nothing ever happened.
    Like mentioned above. find some things to fill the voids that You currently have Get back to living again and experiencing the dynamics of other relationships and hobbies. Then, if You decide to toke again You won't overcompensate due to all of the current adjustments You are making in Your life. The anxiety, nervousness and crying are mere symptoms of pent up energy/emotions with no outlet. find some outlets and keep us posted.
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    Thats what happens when you get your body used to a medicine then strip it away...
    Also you seemed to be INCREDIBLY dependent on weed, using it as a crutch, a cure of negative emotions, and a way to escape from reality. That is a major addiction if I've ever seen one and you should see definitely a doctor. Sounds like you also have severe anxiety and depression issues. These are VERY treatable conditions; and you DON'T have to live like this. Seek help and help will find you. CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS 
  11. Thanks for your help guys. I'm fucking struggling. Anxiety is a BITCH. Constant nausea and sickening worry but I'll get there. Just popped a 3/4 xanax and I'm feeling aces ( for now ;'( )
  12. Can't discuss other drugs here but unless you're prescribed stay away from those anti anxiety drugs man. they are incredibly addictive; and withdrawals can occur after only a few days of use; I've seen friends have seizures because they were buying their medicine on the street and temporarily lost access. Not worth the risk yo if that shit helps you out go get a script! 
  13. you were addicted to weed and now your just going through withdrawals idc what anyone says ANYONE who smokes weed everyday is addicted. they are just in denial and refuse to accept the fact they're addicted addiction starts when you dont smoke weed for fun and smoke it to suppress your problems. if you wherent forced to quit youd still be smoking. 
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  14. I forgot to mention that I also went from smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day to 5. Could this contribute?
  15. Anyone on the smokes? My waking up today seems much better than my waking up yesterday (with regards to anxiety, although it's still there). Had the most absurd dreams....dreamed of weed and old friends, however I did not participate in the smoking. Heartbeat is generally faster than usual, usually throughout the whole day (calms down mildly when I drink a benzo though).
  16. Bro the same thing just happened to me. I've been smoking for 7 years, probably 5 of which I've been a daily smoker, and I just recently realized all the weed I was getting was sprayed with something. Today's the forth day of being sober after non stop smoking for years and let me tell you man, it definitely gets easier as time goes on. I know right now it doesn't seem like it, but in a few days things will change. Don't worry man. By the way I also have pretty bad anxiety and I was really depressed at one point too. The best advice I can give you would be to stay out of your head. As someone who has anxiety I can tell you that it's literally all in your head. You're just overthinking things man. Take things as they come and try to find something else to occupy your time. You'll be okay. :)
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    Thanks man. It's damn hard...all I focus on is this shit in my loops and loops indefinitely till the point where I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I'm at the 4th day now since this all started. I had a breakdown around 3 days after my last blaze and it's being continuing for the last 4 since then  :( I feel sick to my stomach every time I take a bite of food and everything seems futile.
  18. Try exercises! Those always help you detox easier..

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  19. Yeah bro, I found that it's much easier to cope while staying active. It's mostly when I sit and dwell on my panic that it continually snowballs into a fit.
  20. Dude your thinking yourself into feeling this way.. I smoked every day all day for 3 years straight when my parents decided to start drug testing me.  Being the youngin I was, I quit, but never experienced your symptoms.  I, as well, was smoking weed alone to avoid loneliness (only child and parents both work until 10 pm).  I have to think you're just over thinking.  
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