Someone please help me on my frist grow

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    This is my frist grow can you help plants are 36days into flowering we found thrips on the plants and a silk looking liquid on the leaves we have used insec spray it looks like thay are geting better but i still need help can you please look at pictures i have on here and let me know what you think just need help are they going to die or can we save them or are they just ok also are they going through changing stages please comment

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  2. HIGH All, if you can get sticky traps...Google Thrips and Grow from there....your Babies look ok..nice and Green..they look like they are coming along nicely
  3. thanks i can use them guides
  4. add some carbohydrate solution of any brand, make some more crystals form
  5. can you explain a bit more please im very new to this


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