Someone Please Help Me Dying Plants (Pics)

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  1. My plants leaves are all turning yellow nd dying week 8 veg cycle

    Indoor hydro grow from bagseed
    Growbox 24x36 6site 2" netpots
    3x CFL 24hr
    Pc exhaust nd intake fans
    grow medium soil plugs surrounded by hydroton
    Reservoir filled w/tap water ph level 6.0
    Water every other day w/ph corrected water from spray bottle

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  2. This is my first hydro setup....a little background on the grow so far...

    Week 3 first noticed the prob, got a ph kit, found out my tap water is SUPER high ph
    Flushed my reservoir filled w/ correctly ph water

    week 5 hardly any improvement, all new growth starts good nd green then starts to yellow nd eventually die

    Week 8 (now) more growth but the new leaves are already turning...any advice would help...

    If I can't get any improvement I will have to start over again... X__X

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    those plants look terrible they probably are salvageable but if it was me id start over looks like some sort of nute burn or deficiency also your plants should be way bigger than that they look like they're 2-3 weeks old
  4. Maintaining a ph of 6 in hydro will lock-out P and K, Ca will be slipping also with Manganese. Your ph should have been no higher than 5.8. Lower the ph, trim the dead and dying from your plants and see if they improve, assuming you'll correct ph.
  5. What and how much nutes are you using?
  6. Thanks for the ph advice! I'll probably keep the healthiest nd restart the others


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