Someone out there has to have done it. Rohto's went through the washing machine?!

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  1. We all do it.. We leave lighters, money, bobby pins, and random junk in our pockets and we throw it in the wash not even thinking about checking the pockets. Well my Rohto's went through the wash. I found them at the bottom of the machine after taking all my clothes out so it didn't make it to the dryer. I need these babies because my medication makes my eyes so dry. If I leave them that way, it's not only uncomfortable but they turn bloodshot and people think I'm on something. This is just my Vyvanse by the way (equivalent to Adderal XR) if you know what a diuretic is.. Which all stimulants are, then you'll understand why. Different from stoned eyes.

    So these are reasons why I'm too lazy and need advice on what to do.
    1. I'm studying for a truck load of tests, I don't have time to go to the store at the moment.
    2. Oddly enough, the cap was still intact. Odd because it's more of a 'click in place' cap for those who have used Rohto's. It's not a screw on cap like Visine. So again, I found it after a complete cycle in the wash, INTACT.
    3. My concern. How much of the detergent suds could have squeezed through and under the lid adding to the eye drop solution? Note: I'm talking about Rohto Cool. This solution stings. So it's hard to tell if I'm putting in soap suds or if it's just the eyedrop solution alone. They both sting. Like getting shampoo in your eye.. (yes, I tried one drop in the corner of my eye and it felt good after the sting) now my eye is dry again and I need it and your advice.

    If you were in my situation. What the hell would you do? Keep using it? I prefer not to become blind.. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has had their Rohto's roll into the wash.

    Sorry for the essay. I took my addy late. (I'm prescribed, and I'm a lady. No hate messages please -.-)
  2. I love rohto greens.

    I once washed and dried a bottle of said rohtos. The bottle got a little bigger than usual, but they still worked just fine.

    For me.
  3. Really? I'm scared. I've been reading horror stories about Rohtos that went through the wash. Some dude went blind because he mistakened the 'R cool sting' not realizing it's the same as getting soap in your eye. o.0 Oh dear.
  4. Strange...

    I mean it's entirely possible that a type of soap, or temperature varying from one drier make to another could play factors along with how long after you've dried it and how long it's had to cool would as well. Who knows? I was ok, but everyone's different. Also, you never know who's just trying to be clowning on the internet.
  5. I'm not clowning. Or being a internet troll. I used it again and it felt like the usual Rohto. I'm new as you can tell... Go to my profile, I have 4 posts maybe. In the past I would go to this site to read about stories with certain things... Or that google would lead me to... I'm liking this community so I'm going to join and start speaking my mind too.

    Maybe your trolling and you want me to blind myself? Is that how it is EH?
  6. I'm going to mention again, my Rohto cap was in place when I found it at the bottom... After the washing cycle was done. It clicks on. You know. It's weird as fuck. How does something that simply 'clicks in place' stay intact in a wash cycle that jerks around your clothes like a tornado hitch. Crazy shit.
  7. Dude I didnt mean you were a troll, I meant whoever is supplying you those horror stories. No need to be so defensive brah, sheesh.
  8. Sorry for putting the wall up. I resorted to splashing my face with water every 5 mins. I'm not taking the chance. I'm asian, my eyes are small, but precious.

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