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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Baka-420, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. Hey there, I'm Baka (Alex)! I'm just here to share my thoughts and views with everyone. I myself just started smoking out 2 weeks ago and ever since I've been doing it whenever possible. I love to write and I'd be glad to share my work with anyone... more to come later! Adios! //\\//Baka\\//\\!!!

    " Ramen is good, until
    you're strangled with it"
    ~Baka @
  2. welcome to the board. you can put your work on this BB anytime
  3. Well, if you just started two-weeks ago.. enjoy :] I'm sure you've got some good highs in your newbisim to pot and it's magical gifts!

    Also I would like to welcome you to this board! Great to see another face. Enjoy! ENJOY!
  4. hey man

    welcome! it'd be cool to see your work man, post it!


    [​IMG] HighasakitE [​IMG]
  5. ^_^ well, that's nice to know! I'm about to post some of my work, experiences, and whatnot in a second...I hope I get a good response here o_o;;

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