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Someone needs to invent a shrink ray...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nichevo, May 16, 2011.

  1. ...Because I need to live in a bag of tostito chips. :smoke:

    Think of it though, the back of the bag is metallic so it's like having floor lights, you have all the food you can eat right next to you, you could put some bud in there before you shrink yourself so you have all the bud you want, put a glass of water nearby or in there and you've got all the water you could want. You could shrink all of your valuables like your TV and computer and everything (maybe you could just shrink your house). You wouldn't have to work because you don't need money because you've got everything you could ever want in unlimited supply. :smoke:

    Maybe it's just because I'm baked but that sounds like the best life ever.:smoke:

    Also, it would solve population issues, the lack of food to feed the world, medicine, oil, ect.

    So pretty much what I'm trying to say is our scientists definitely need to just waste their whole budget on discovering how to build a shrink ray. :smoke:
  2. Are you high?
  3. .........

    whatever yours smoking, I WANT IT:hello:
  4. You would roast from the light reflecting. :l

  5. You asking this on a marijuana forum? You must be high:smoke:
  6. #6 Lugef, May 16, 2011
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    I am ;)
  7. It could solve a lot of problems...But then again, a lot of shit was invented to solve problems and in the end only created more problems. Fuck, everything and their mother is being weaponized, and I'm confident a shrink ray would be as well. Unless...We shrunk world leaders, then we might be onto something...*dreaming*
  8. I'd rather an stay normal size ray.... that has a side effect of death. Would be a lot more useful.

    Or like a ray of alchemy... Turn any object shot into another element, such as gold.
  9. What if we could just kind of train people to be shrunk and go inside someone (like down their throat) and scrape the tar out of their lungs if they smoke, or if they have something wrong with their throat or something, the people could fix it.

    Sorry if that last paragraph didn't make sense, I'm baked at the moment. Also, I just noticed "paragraph" has "pear" in the first part of the word, now I really want a pear.

    Sorry everyone but one last thing :smoke: I have realized how good toast with butter and salt is
  10. Do enough drugs and you don't need a shrink ray.
  11. Actually, I think I would rather live in a tub filled with bud, snacks, lighters, bongs, and a television. Or I could just have the television normal size and right outside the tub so it's just a massive television. :smoke:
  12. Someone needs to invent a shrink ray. I've heard that numerous times in the bedroom.
  13. Someone already has.......

  14. [ame][/ame] :smoke:
  15. #15 ChucklesT, May 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2011
    Woah. Shrink myself down to twice the size of a trichome and light it. Infinite weed.

    Edit: After thinking about the OP, I just realized that a shrink ray is basically impossible unless you can flawlessly shrink atoms simultaneously, as not to disturb chemical bonds in whatever you plan on shrinking. Chemicals would deteriorate and their molecular structure would collapse or tear, most likely resulting in a strange, but small mass of useless goo. Sorry.
  16. Yeah, why do I keep letting you stay in there when I'm doing my thing? lol.

  17. I don't know man. You're thing is starting to freak me out. Whenever I look at my closet I can see you peaking out at me and hear you saying "oooooohhh someone needs to invent a shrink ray!" over and over again. Also quit stealing my lotion. :)
  18. Fuck a shrink ray

    Stay normal size and get unlimited shit with a GROW ray. Nom seen?

    and you could grow your tiny cock
  19. Crazy talk!

  20. I didn't get a word you just said but it's alright :smoke:

    It would be an amazing dream world though

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