Someone keeps threatening me

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  1. Ok so i work with this girl who is very dramaful and she told her boyfriend something about me liking her or something (which i don't and only worked with her for like 1 hr) and now he keeps texting me saying how he is going to shoot up my house and wait for me when i get off work because his chick is going to tell him my schedule and all kinds of other stuff. I dont think he will shoot up my house but me and him have had beef in the past and i don't even want to get started with him again but i don't know what to do because i know he will try and jump me again. But this kid is one of those wanna be set claimers and i dunno he might try something stupid but i don't know what i should do. SHould i report it to my manager? I don't feel like getting the cops involved but is that what i should do?
  2. avoid trouble if you can, but be prepare to defend yourself at any moment,
    good luck man
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    Who the hell sends texts sayin they're gunna shoot up your house? If that really happens (which hopefully it doesn't come to that) then there's the threat + evidence right there in the text..

    I would personally try to avoid any confrontations, but like rubb said, prepare to defend yourself at any moment. Good luck man.

    BTW, it's illegal for any coworker of yours to give out your schedule to ANYONE outside of your workplace.

    edit: oh yeah, I wouldn't say anythin to your manager about it.
  4. reporting it to the manager will only result in her getting bitched at or fired, which will result in a pissed off boyfriend. stand up like a man, and when this guy tries to pull something pull a mini bat out of ur sleeve and fuck his day up.
  5. Do what he said.. I was in a situation kinda like that. I just ignored the dude and the beef just died off..
  6. well this chicks boy friend seems like a bitch if he cant just say shit to your face. and hes a pussy if hes gunna try and jump you with his "boys" shows that he cant take an ass woopin and needs his friends to beat someone down
  7. I wont just take an ass beating but im on probation and i work at a walmart and if anything goes down i dont wanna get charged. But i dont know if he will roll deep or strapped or anything like that and i don't wanna find out

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