Someone Just Followed Me

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  1. Alright, so I'm coming back from picking up an O of some mids enjoying myself a nice, large J.

    Things are good. :D

    I'm almost home, I get off my exit of the highway and so does the truck behind me. It a silver mid-90s Toyota pickup with some bright-ass lights. I take a right onto a main road and so does he in a sort of violent turn.

    He speeds up on my bumper for a about a mile. I take a left onto a side street and suddenly he swerves left too. I couldn't even see his lights he was so close. I am quite high so this was freaking me the fuck out. I sped up the hill to get away. He speeds up too. :eek:

    I take a quick right and drive down a hill quickly, I can he see him taking the right and he speeds up after, I took another two quick rights and lost him.

    I did a loop and couldn't find him parked anywhere so I'm going to assume he couldn't find me. I drove home.

    I may be paranoid from blazing but what the Fucking Fuck.

    Good News is there's a lot of food in my house and plenty more weed to ease my fears. :smoke:
  2. always carry your heat for these kinds of cases.

    (get out the car and ask him, "u following me"?!) :rolleyes:

    or he wanted some of those mids =o
  3. Good idea loosin the guy before you went home.

    Smoke a bowl and relax now.
  4. My reasoning is that there is probably a correlation between people who chase people in trucks and people who carry around guns in their trucks so stopping wasn't really an option. :D

    Good thinking, I will smoke many tonight. :smoke:
  5. You probably cut him off or something. A few kids around here got ran off the road and killed here for shooting a guys truck with paintballs.
  6. I was thinking about that afterward. I was a pretty chill driver tonight so I couldn't remember any situation where I cut anyone off.

    That's terrible about those kids. I've heard stories like that before, that's why tonight had me bugging. Its unlikely but who knows anything can happen.
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    Even the little things can piss off a driver. I remember when a jeep came up on us with his bright lights and I was signaling to turn them down. I didnt realize for a few sec that he was pissed at us. I never knew why.

    Ive been chased a few times before but those times I knew why they did ;)

    I will say no more.
  8. it was probably just a gang initiation, like he has to ram a car off the road and brutally bash the occupants to death before he can get his stripes

    but seriously it was just some dick
  9. I know what you mean, I'm usually an aggressive driver, I've been chased on the highway before but for obvious reasons. :D

    That would be a terrible way to die, someones gang initiation victim. At least I would have been high. :smoke:

    I agree though he was definitely just some dick, fuck that guy.
  10. hah dont worry it happened to me as well. i was just enjoying a nice J on the side of the street and i see this car start coming towards me. im tripping a little bit because ive been there a while. so i start driving off and this car follows me. i think nothing of it but then i turn on an insanely small street and hes still following me. im getting pretty sketched at this point so i then drive a bit more and pull in my driveway. this fucker came back and shined a flashlight in my yard, i was trippin balls haha. i dont even know who it was lol maybe some neighborhood watch. i was trippin for a sec but no police showed up later or anything.
  11. i suggest a semi-automatic pistol to start off you shoudlve made an inadvertent u-turn...example>right turn..right turn>left turn now yur on the same street..
  12. You did the best thing, It's always best to avoid morons like that.
  13. That's crazy, some people really hate smokers man. I was wondering whether the guy saw me smoking, I'm pretty careful about it though.

    I forgot my semi-automatic at home. :D

    I did do two quick rights to get away, his truck wasn't fast enough for my Cobalt.

    Yeah, who knows how crazy the dude driving was, I don't know if anyone remembers but about two years ago in a town called Cheshire about 3 miles from my house, two guys followed a man home from the supermarket.

    They raped his wife and daughter and then burned down his house. It made national news because it was so fucked up, some people may have seen it. Shit like that makes me lose trust for people.
  14. ive been chased once. a kid owed me money becouse i gave him 50 bucks to buy weed for me, ripped me off. he dident pay me for like 2 months, i tried to not think much of it. but eventualy i started pushing him for it. then one night, i get a call from some 40 year old brittish guy saying the guy had my money and wanted me to come over. (first off, im not stupid, if someone who you have been pushing for something tries to get you to come over, its obviously a trap, even after i refused and tried to get us to meet in a more public place but he kept insisting. second, if theres a 40 year old brittish guy with a raspy voice in a small, american farming town,, you know shits about to go down.)

    but me being a dumb fuck and with my friend incurageing me to stand up for myself, got me to go over there. so i pulled up infront of his house, and a white SUV wipps out of the naibors driveway and speeds up on us quickly. i stomp the gas and we floor it outa there. he fallowed me all the way to the main highway. i ducked into a gas station were alot of people were, thinking they wouldent try anythign wiht so many people.

    so me and my friend, scared shitless went back to my house. when we got back in, like 5 minutes later, the phone rings and its the brittish guy. he said, alright well if your too much of pussys, come meet us at the gas station.

    so then me and my friend rode down to the gas station. i met the brittish guy and was saying shit like "you know i shouldent have to give you this money, but i am and you better not threated this kid again, or me and my boys will come down here and make trouble" the guy thought i was a dealer becouse i was wearing a flatbill and a dog choke chain around my neck that looked like bling. he thought the kid had ripped me off when he was buying from me, but i actualy gave him my money so he could go and get it for me. so the brittish guy kept saying shit about how im not allowed to sell to the kid anymore. i tried telling him what really happened but he wouldent let me get a word in.

    finaly, i got the money, me and my friend headed back to my hosue, and changed our underwear lmao.

  15. Super lol hahaha
  16. haha you probably pulled infront of him or something and he was just pissed off. Good work at getting away. :hello:
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    ok im a good driver even tho i dont have a licesnes. lol but i can drive very good because my brother used to take me driving in parking lots when i was young and him and his buddys loved to drift around and spead alot. so i ended up learning. but one day i was being followed. ill start from the begining. my mom was to tired to go out cuz it was 100 am and i was awake smoking. she said she needed milk for her tea but she didnt want to go out. it snowed the day before (she dont like driving when the plows half ass thier job) so i go out for her when this happens. well i get the milk and im on my way home on the highway and some dick had his lights off (dumb ass probaly likes to drink:rolleyes:) so i flashed my hi beems after i let him pass me. he got off the next exit as did i, when we stoped at the red light down my street (also were i learned to drive) he stared me down so i was like wtf. he tryed bumbing my car and i got pissed so i sped up and tryed to lose him. well i didnt. so after a half hour trying to lose him (waited way to long) i came up to a long strech of road and speed up. he kept up so i threw the E-brake and pulled a u on a 2 lane road and looked at him. i rolled down my window and leaned out. i yelled at him telling him to fuck off. he fliped me off so i drove past him the oppisite way now. and he had to k turn to turn around i let him catch up and did the same thing with my u turn. but i never rolled my window up so when i was in the middle of the you i made a gun with my hand and shot it. (you know that thing we all did as kids) and he sped up a little and drove past me so i just did a 360 instead of a u and figured since i had to go that way home i would scar him like he did me. i followed him for 2 miles till i had to turn onto my street (i think he lived near me) and he was speeding and trying to lose me. i thought it was funny but when i got home my mom didnt need the milk. she took some of my weed cuz she didnt have her tea to help her sleep. pointless strory belive it if you want or just dont. i dont care i know it happend. i just thought it would fit this thread. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIVE THIS I KNOW ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK THIS IS BULLSHIT. BUT PLEASE DONT START FIGHTS ON THIS THREAD PM ME IF YOU WANT TO BITCH OR CALL ME OUT
  18. all i can say is.... wtf?
  19. yea im realy high at the moment so im sure it came out srcewy some how or i left something out so it might not make sence. lol
  20. probably some guy just fucking with you if he saw you smoking. happens to me quite often actually [totally pisses me the fuck off ;o]

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