Someone Is poising my outdoor plants.

Discussion in 'Security' started by Yoda23467, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Hello all, recently my two outdoor Indicas have had drooping leaves for no reason. They were doing great until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed some black ink like stuff on several of their leaves. Ever since then the leaves are drooping with the bottom leaves drooping the worst. So my question Is what would you do In this case? I live In a highly conservative state and city. Maybe a neighbor overheard someone? I'm really pissed to say the least. Any Insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Is birb poop? Or for sure some tampering? Sounds weird, maybe alien blood, heh heh. But for real, sounds confusing!

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  3. Trail cam might give you some insights.
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  4. Either watch your plants or place a cheap camera to see if you see anything.
  5. Black spots could be a dieficiecy, post pictures. It would be pretty hard to poison an MJ plant and kill it. They're pretty hardy.
  6. Ok all got pictures up. I washed most of the black stuff off, but whoever Is fucking with my plants could be spraying something clear on them now. One of my neighbors Is an old conservative nut job and I've had conversations about MJ In my backyard before.
  7. Honestly, if you didn't approve, it would be easier to just cut it down than to poison it.
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  8. But if you're uninformed about cannabis you might not guess this first. Plus if someone is poisoning them they may be trying to make it seem natural so nobody asks questions about a cut down plant
  9. I want to believe that no one would do that even if they are the dickest of dicks. I want to think it is coincidental and it was just having trouble because of some other variable? Neighbors man, I wish I got along with people better.
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  10. There really is no reason you can't top it when growing outdoors, though it's usually something you do much younger.
  11. Hello all, I've decide to keep growing these but I feel If someone Is poisoning them then even If they get to full flower It would be to dangerous to smoke. God knows what I would be smoking. Guess I'll have to go Indoor. Damn phyco neighbors. Man I'm pissed wow.
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  12. Eh may add to the bag appeal and give it a more citrusy smell...

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  13. It's all personal for me! No I don't want to smoke shit that anything on it! You smoke shit with Lysol on It! Shits Is not a fuckin joke man.
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  14. Smoke Lysol bud I shall young padawan. Are you 100% someone sprayed them? Some buds do smell cotrusy

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