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Someone I met today

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jlear3, May 10, 2011.

  1. Someone I met today somewhere was amazed that I thought 45 for an 8th was a good price for dank, then preceded to say he can help me any time, he's not a dealer, just a buddy helpin, its really cool, cuz from the sounds of it this may change my life :p
  2. Your dreams are very small, aren't they!
  3. Just hope it works out, I feel like so many times in the past, Ill meet somebody for the first time, and they'll tell me about some awesome price they can get for me, and then they never mention it again and I feel awkward bringing it up.
  4. Hit that guy up.

    Just know though, people always stunt about what they pay.

  5. Dick. If he can get 1/8 s for 15 dollars less then he will have lots more money:D

  6. nah this guys like a solid good dude, real old-head
  7. You are right, his dreams are much much smaller.
  8. I met some guy once at Best Buy. Seemed real legit, said he gets dank for the same price as mids.

    Hit em up but nothing ever came to fruition.
  9. lol, i love freedom, cheaper for me just means I spend less money, never anything more.
  10. Money runs the world friend. You should have learned that by now!
  11. Yeah don't get me wrong I fully believe that vanity and money will be the down fall of human beings and I don't partake. But it is still nice to save some money from my minimum wage job when I'm paying 50 an 1/8, and I assume the op feels the same about the money part.
  12. oh by the way hes saying he gets dank like 35/8th of danky green yummy sugar dipped bud, i've seen the bud and now know i can get it nearly half the price i was paying for much lower quality

    and yes very happy to save money

    edit: 823 posts and can't edit out of 3 tries? haha :p
  13. I was just joking around!

    If he can save money and get good buds, smoke and be merry.

  14. I'm not being mean at all and everyone want cheaper bud I assume. Would anyone turn down a pound for a nickle? Haha
  15. ^ It's all good. And I would turn down a pound for a nickle, it will cost me more just to throw it in the garbage.
  16. So did he hook you up?

  17. Yeah I'm curious too. And I'm always using my iPod touch and duplicate once in a while.
  18. hes pickin up either today or tomorrow, i didn't ask cuz i didn't wanna annoy him, today i threw up and they made me come home, don't worry, ill def. get it, and you'll def get pix :p
  19. I pay 55 for an eighth. That might because I only smoke exotic strains.

    I should really lower my standards. :(
  20. the point of the thread was because i found some1 with super cheap prices and amazing quality dude^ lol

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