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Someone help me out?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Chode, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. I'm 18 and live in CA. For the past few years I've had chronic headaches, and trouble eating. (When I work or go to school, I don't have an appetite, and get nasious.) I consistantley have trouble sleeping. God knows that Mary jane helps each and every one of these ailments perfectly, and sometimes, I practically rely on the stuff to make it through the day. (Helps me eat, gets rid of my headaches, helps me sleep, etc.) The doctors haven't really been able to pinpoint a reason that I get headaches, but it's really starting to affect my life, and I'm getting sick of the legal runaround with pot. Is there any chance of me being a likely candidate for Medicinal Marijuana, and if so, what's the procedure? I'd really appreciate any help, or links to some info. Thanks a lot.

    BTW: I also have mild asthma, but rarely have attacks, unless I run a lot.
  2. have you asked your dr. about marijuana? i had severe migranes twice a month( throwing up and could not move). it turned out to be a muscular problem causing them. im now dealing with the tension, and voila no more headaches, knock on wood.
    sooo i know its a pain in the butt, but i think your first step is finding the problem and then asking your dr. if marijuana could help in your particular situation.

  3. Well, with my given symptons, would most doctors consider that a reason for medicinal marijuana?
  4. I had what they call ' cluster headaches' for over three years. MJ was the only thing that seemed to help me also. I had informed my Dr.'s of this, but believe me, they'll still try everything to find out what the cause is. Like one of my doctors said. just because it isn't hurting, because of medication, doesn't mean it's healed. The doctors put me through every kind of test, ( CAT scans, CAD scans, blood & plasma tests, AKG's, EKG's, ) tried me on over 60 meds ( steroids, blood thinners, blood coagulants, you name it, I probably tried it) . They even performed a exploratory surgery on my sinusus. ( They pulled a canine tooth, and went through the hole left by the tooth. yes.... they put the tooth back in place ) Eventually, NOTHING worked, or was found. I went through a lot of pain, but eventually, I just quit taking everything. No meds, no docs. Just a couple hits of MJ through the day, and I was ok. That was over 6 years ago. I do not now 'need' to smoke every day( but I like to ), but I have an emergency stash for when I DO get one. I still occaisionally get a *head ache* but only a few times a year now.

    By *head ache* I do not mean a simple tension or allergy type. Not that those aren't painful too.

    I sure hope you can get the help you need. But from what I hear, it is a whole lot harder to get Med. MJ than it sounds. Good luck, and I'm sending all the KARMA I can to you.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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