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someone help me out what bud is this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goku420, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. my dealer's been selling me this for the past couple weeks, it's really dense but even though it doesn't feel too moist it seems as though the guy that had it before him was putting the bud in damp paper towels. i smells like just kind bud but it is way too good for that. pretty cheap at 200 a zip, and can easily be sold for 20/g here around Boston.

  2. wat ever it is, its legit, i live in so. nh i cant WAIT till we see that up here!
  3. haha, i go to UMass lowell maybe we could meet up and toke it sometime
  4. looks like big bud to me but the orange tint is unfamilier, could be a hybrid
  5. i was thinking hybrid too cus the leaves are much like dro leaves but the stems are completely solid, and i don't get that typical everygreen-like smell
  6. not that anyone would cross dro with anything else but, that's what i see haha
  7. it looks good, hows it smoke?
  8. Everyone always asks what kind of bud is this but their is no real way to ever tell... The only one who knows is the grower. Sometimes they don't even really know.

    It looks like some real tasty buds though. I would start flippin that shit if you get it for 200 a zip and it will go for 20/g

  9. was gunna say hybrid, i just got some bud that look just like that cept it was more light in color, orange hairs were like the same color cept mine had couple seeds, yours looks legit
  10. mm no seeds here haha, i won't buy if there're seeds. and i flip 2 zips every weekend.

    the way it smokes, like it's a 20/80-30/70 indica/sativa high.
    the onset of the high comes on slow and works it's way in there, usually i stay high for about an hour, hour and a half but yesterday i smoked probably 3/4g in a joint and was high for 3 hours, it's just wierd cus it takes so long to peak on this bud and the comedown from the high is very sweet and slow.
  11. so its a creeper :) sounds nice im smoking some real sticky shit at tha mo got 1 lit now, tastes devine mmmmm lol
  12. This belongs in the Apprentice section.
  13. orange kush X durban poison
  14. #15 Lebowski, Feb 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2009

    [(orange kush X durban poison) X Master Kush] ÷ Haze X (√gdp) = Your bud.

  15. damn ive picked up a lot of bud and i can tell you what moistening your bud is only ruining it. Its much better dry than wet.
  16. You beat me to it, but don't you see a hint of genetic influences from Afghan Hash Plant too?
  17. please explain wtf dro leaves are.

  18. ya i was woundering that too

  19. yup yup. i heard the government had a secret lab growing this shit.

    lol nice pickup

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