Someone help me ID these shrooms?

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  1. I just got my shrooms from my pal that went to Bonnaroo, but they're not the shrooms I'm used to seeing.

    Just want to make sure these are legit, and safe to eat.

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  2. no help here.

    i wish i was you though :D

    they looked like theyve been out in the sun too long. and good job finding out before eating. you can get some poisonous ones that give you instant liver failure (or so i hear). but usually whoever you get it from tells you if theyre good.

    have funn
  3. there are dozens of possibilities of what they could be if they ARE psylocebins. my guess would be psylocebin cyanesens (sp) but those stalks look a little long. i would need a picture of the gills (underside of the cap) for a good identification as to them really being P. Cyanesens. try not taking cell phone pics and taking good macros of the gills, stem, and the cap.
  4. I am decent at ID'ing mushies but to be honest, those pics don't do any justice. You need to do spore prints and better pics, and possible post it on the shroomery. I know there are a few experienced identifiers on this site, but with those pics, it's nearly impossible. Sorry bro, make sure you don't ingest those until you are sure.
  5. You don't know about shrooms... Don't post.
    Those are called Deathcaps.

    Now to the OP. Yeah, i've eaten some exactly like that. their good.

  6. Don't give the OP false information. Don't tell them to eat it, it's impossible for you to know that they are safe.
  7. I am pretty good @ IDing shrooms, and I'd say that those or absolutely fine to eat. Don't eat too many at a time, because death shrooms are known for there strength. Have fun shroomin' it up!
  8. You guys really dont sound very convincing
  9. Don't eat those based on someone being good at ID with those pics either.. really if you are not sure dont do it until you are damn positive.
  10. ya i seen those before they are the ones my friend died on ;deathcaps
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    please don't listen to anyone on grasscity.

    go to and ask them. please. so you don't die.
  12. Lawl YOURE on Grasscity. Atleast dont listen to the people telling you to eat them. Try shroomery place they was talkin about
  13. All i know is that they don't look like the shrooms i've done.
  14. they look just like dried pan cyans, so you "should" be fine.
    most people are used to getting cubes, so yea i'd be a little aprehensive too.
    also, pan cyans are way way way stronger then cubes, so don't eat the whole 8th unless you're VERY experienced with mushies.
  15. They resemble Psilocybin Cubensis, but those caps look nasty as fuh.
    But if they are Cyans like stated above ^^^ then he's right, they are a lot more potent.
  16. I agree about the shroomery. They have almost all the knoweldge you would ever want on IDing mush. Personally, they look exactly like the ones I just recently had, which were brought up from Florida. I dunno... have fun man. God I love mush. :D If it wasn't for the tolerance I'd probably be a mush head in no time haha. Just call me toadstool. Just thinking about my last trip makes me all sunshine and rainbows inside. :hippie:
  17. Did i TELL him too eat them? You should read more carefully. "I've eaten some exactly like that".
    BTW! to OP, Buy a shroom guide and take a spore print man. it'd be easier for us to identify.
  18. actually you're the one who should read up. you can't print a dried shroom, and if someone says they did, then they're full 'o shite.
  19. Really? Put a drop of fucking water on it.
    ...How many times have you done shrooms again?

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