Someone hacked my FaceBook account and posted some funny shit!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Senior PoopiePants, May 27, 2010.

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    They posted a status message FROM A CELL PHONE (??) saying:

    "ive come to the realisation i need to accept jesus christ as my savior. ive gone down a bad road and i need to repent."

    Is there any way I can trace it somehow?

    It would have to be someone really fucking with me, being that I have issues with religion.

    This is too funny.

    Thanks to dudeimoncoke, I've made the following:

    "Jesus hacked my Facebook page" group.
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    Maybe just don't worry about it and don't give your password out like its a pile of cookies on a silver plater.
  3. hahahaha that made me laugh pretty hard. + rep
  4. I did it. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

  5. Yeah, Umm. That because I GIVE my password out.

    Stupid fucking assumption. I should -rep him for that, but seeing that he deleted it, I'll fall back.

    So, for the record - My password is complicated, and I sure as hell don't give it out.

    What am I, a fucking moron???? :rolleyes:
  6. I'll shit on your face and then light it on fire, smartass. :D
  7. How the hell am I supposed to know who did it?
  8. Holy shit-balls, dude - read the OP.

    I asked if there was a way to TRACE IT.

  9. Stop trying to steal my thunder, we both know I did it! :D
  10. Holy shit balls dude,I was fuckin joking.:rolleyes:
  11. Don't mind me. Sober for 3 days and I'm a little freaked out. All apologies.
  12. chill out bro....
  13. Chilled...
  14. Hehe. Sorry.
  15. lol @ holy shit-balls

    so if the pope's balls were covered in shit, would those be holy shit-balls? or are they literal balls of shit that happen to be holy?
  16. no worriez brah

    being chill is being good.
  17. Haha, nice.

    I've come of with some other sac-religious sayings:

    What in God's balls was that?

    And my favorite - Jeeziez Feces!

  18. dude, thats totally jesus hacking your facebook. beat that kid jesus;s ass next time you see him, and steal his sack.
  19. I would shit my pants and eat my shorts if I found out that Jesus hacked my FB account!

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