someone got a little to high!

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  1. HAHAHA my dude brett just passed the fuck out....we were literally in the middle of a convo. now he is sound asleep with laptop on his lap!

  2. hahah im way high...this is to funny hahaha

  3. Im high and this shyt is funny...lls...

  4. That is fucking hilarious! Good work boys! :hello:
  5. ha, that is funny
  6. this is great!!! too b a k e d
  7. hahah recent picture...the lack of movement amazes me......nothin like a good indica!

  8. Put a match inbetween his toes.
  9. ya man that kid is out

    smoked the fuck UP :smoking:
  10. hahah that shit is fucked up! makes me wish i had a match :)
  11. Hahaha...I can just picture him in mid sentence just passing the fuck out. That must have been priceless. :hello:

    Damn...I need to get that baked. I think I will as of now. :)
  12. This isn't ganj related, but one time while I was at work, my supervisor passed out while he was talking to me. That shit was pretty fuckin' funny. He was talking about some changes in our benefits, then he just said a bunch of gibberish and I was like, "WTF?" Then his head just dropped and he started snoring. I just got up and left.
  13. hey if i had a big leather couch like that to blaze on i would be passed the fuck out as well
  14. reminds me of me the night I moved into my apt. I had been home for a while and hadn't smoked in about 10 days. Rolled up a 2g blunt of AK-47 and fought the passing out stage for about an hour before I was finally sober enough to stand up. Even then I still looked like :smoking:for about 4 hours after that blunt.
  15. word, that shit looks comfy as hell haha
  16. lol! I am way stoned too and that is just really funny! and qft to the post above me! :bongin:
  17. LOL!!! I was trippin :eek: at 1st when i saw him in the backround and in ur laptop at the same time, that's just cuz im high :smoking:
    Again Priceless :laughing:
  18. Thats friggin hilarious. My dad, we call him pops, loves to get stoned every now and then. I got some dank ass edibles once, and broke one in half and let him have it, he knocked out quick.

    A few hours later he came up to me and was like, "Hey, that granola bar you gave me was awesome!"
  19. LOL!!!! That is fucking awesome!!! GRANOLA BAR!!!! :laughing:

  20. yeah....that was a funny night....:smoke::smoke::smoke:all thanks to mary jane:smoke::smoke::smoke:

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