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  1. Ok has anyone here ever been sitting down taking a fat rip then stood up while inhaling the hit and get like a mega headchange/everything goes kinda white then black? What is up with that just curious what is happening when that occures?

    I had my friend do it and he just dropped the pipe and fell over and knocked his head on the wall and just laid there for a few seconds then got up and didn't even know what happen. It was pretty funny:D
  2. You mean getting light headed ?
  3. yep, it happens

  4. Yeah I know but why? Whats happening inside you when it occures is what im trying to ask..

    Yeah pretty much
  5. ever heard of elevators or roll-ups? gets you mad high. that's basically what it is, except people do them on purpose to get fucked up, me being one of them. You can pass out cold. Send the THC directly to your brain, so i've heard, something about circulation.
  6. When you take a very large hit it causes oxygen deprivation in your brain which causes you to be very light headed and sometimes even blackout. Standing up quicky after sitting for say 30 minuites will cause this to happen too. Its really just the blood rushing to your head that causes you to blackout.
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    Hmm I see, It can be pretty fun, Best thing is when you tell someone to do it without them knowing whats supposed to happen its halarious!

    Probally not the healthiest thing in the world to be doing but meh.

    Ah yeah blood rushing to you head probally has something to do with it , But it even works by taking a deep breath of oxygen rather then a hit of herb, so dont think its the oxygen deprivation.
  8. might not be oxygen drepav, but low blood sugar or dehydration along with standing up to fast. happens very very often.

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