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someone educate me

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SSHaze, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, i want tobe educated on medical marijuana. My main question is, how hard is it to get a card out in california? Will my sleeping problems be good enough reason to get a card? Thanks for any assistance.
  2. Insomnia is a valid reason to obtain a med card but, the way getting a recommendation works is you have to have previous paper work from your primary physician stating that you actually suffer from sleeping problems. If you don't have a primary physician you could always go through a free clinic and describe your symptoms and then once that visit is all said and done you simply request a copy of the initial diagnostic (which by law he is required to give you ) then you take that paper work to a medical cannabis physician and he will review it and more than likely write you out a recommendation is a great place to schedule an appointment once you have your paper work.
    A little word of advice when speaking with your primary don't mention anything about medical cannabis some doctors are spooked by a threat the dea has made stating that any Dr. recommending medical cannabis will have their license revoked (btw still to this day not one Dr. has had their license revoked but none the less you should keep it hush hush until speaking with a medical cannabis physician) once you have your recommendation you should head over to the OCBC to pick up that card they call and verify your recommendation and that card is expected at almost all clubs co-ops ect ect.

    well i hope iv been of some help to you and welcome to the medical cannabis society never forget compassion .:hello:
  3. Let me start off by saying I am not bashing anyone, just seen a lot of threads on how "easy" is it to get a med MJ card in Cali. I just want to rant because the mainstream news and others project California as the place where the average stoner can lie to a doc just to get MJ legally. "Just pay $300 and you get a doc's note" I have read many times. Of course there are unscrupulous doctors who will write a recommendation for just about anyone and of course there will be people who abuse the system. The fact of the matter is that I have not met any doctors around where I live who will give out recommendations like clockwork.

    Alright sorry bout that, had to get that off my chest. So as long as you have a medical history with your primary, you shouldn't have a problem getting a doc's recommendation. I actually went to Medicann in Santa Cruz. Make sure to bring in proof that you are currently being treated by your primary for your illness.

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