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  1. Ok, To get started i'd first like to say that i am a long time smoker but I mostly stick to my Magic Flight Vaporizer (also a few other Vapes) and Blunts. Im not going to say that i am a glass noob because i have hit every possible type of piece out there (obv not every brand) and i love glass too. I'd also like to say that i am not a noob to a bong either. I know how to milk a bong and everything but i think to much smoke makes my lungs/chest feel uncomfortable and i like to feel comfortable while i smoke. Basically what i would like to know is all the different perks and diffusers and whats the top quality glass because when i hear some of you post about "your new glass" or "Ultra showerhead triple diffused ice catching oil dome beaker bong" i thinks it a different language:confused::eek::confused::eek::smoke:

    TLDR: Basically what i would like to know is all the different perks and diffusers and whats the top quality glass
  2. Percs just add more filtration. It's suppose to cool the smoke even more, but personally they add too much drag for me.

    Diffusers make air bubbles smaller, why I'm not 100% sure. More surface area to cool?

    To me it's a waste.

    I have a $50 bong that worked very well.
  3. the more bubbles popping mean more smoke, or at least thats what ive always observed. so the more diffusion the better.

    stick to glass on glass peices only. rubber sealed gromet bongs are a waste imo. i had one for a long time and then i got my GonG bong and it has done me alot of excellent service.

    dont buy any chinese glass, you want solid thick scientific glass.

    diffused downstems, percs, and ashcatchers are great but dont over do it. 1 of each is plenty on one peice alone.
  4. It's basically bragging rights.

    None of that fancy crap gets you any higher.
  5. Well have you hit any of this fancy "crap"?

    People wouldn't spend the money if it wasn't worth it. You can take huge rips every time and not even feel it. Taking a bigger hit at one time should get you higher.

    Also flavor is different with each piece. All pieces hit different. Airy, more chug, lots of drag, no drag.

    Well designed pieces have almost no drag, even double chamber tubes.
  6. Top quality WELL known glass companies are Sovereignty, Toro, Bc Glass, SYN, Vertigo, Sheldon Black, Leisure aka Luke Wilson, 4.0 glass, Mobius has stepped up their game IMO, Stone Glass Works, and Zob.

    Top quality lesser known people are De-fi, EFS, Sheepdawg could be considered well known but people don't talk about him often. Apix glassworks, and tons of others that come out of the local woodworks all the time.

    Now I did not mention any heady or artsy artists because they are more of a personal preference but quality colorful blowers that I like are Salt, Carver B, Creep, El Hefe, Elks that run, Nerd(he does function stuff as well) Mike Fro, PaKoH, and Royal to name a few.

    I just named a few people in each category, tons more and more come around all the time.

  7. Yes I have.

    In my 15+ years, I've seen and used a lot.
    I used to frequent hash bars, many places have nice house bongs with the fancy crap, i prefer straight tubes without percs.

    I NOW buy glass without them, even if drag is reduced, it's not getting you higher.

    Like I said, bragging rights.
  8. And believe me, I've seen $15,000+ bongs in Hollywood made by custom artists such as illadelph.

    I'd own one if I was stupid rich, but I'm not.
  9. ^ You ever take very fat rips? I love my non percolated tubes for better flow but the resin buildup on your lips when you take a fatty hit of ground up bud is ridiculous! That's why I like bigger sized pieces with more diffusion, so the smoke is filtered a little better and has more area to travel in the piece so it can cool down a little. Filtered smoke and cooled smoke are a little different. Best things for "cooler" smoke would be an ice pinch. Another factor is the length the smoke is travelling.
  10. Lol who said it gets you any higher? It makes the smoke smoother and more enjoyable. It's cool if you prefer a basic straight tube (do you have a diffused downstem?) but saying that anything more than that is bragging rights is just flat out wrong.

    & have you ever hit a stemline? If you have and still prefer a regular tube you're one of the first people I've met who do.

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