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Someone convince me to change to papers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ResinHits, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Ive been playing with the thought of quitting blunts and switching to papers since i already smoke like a pack of cigarettes a week. Im all for treating my lungs better (love my bongs), but the only things that are holding me back are how the hell do i roll with a filter but most importantly,is how wasteful they are. I have read in multiple articles that joints are least effecient in the amount of THC that you get when smoking (something like you only get 20% of it whereas blunts you get around 40%, pipes 55-60% and bongs 70%). Can anyone quell this fear of mine? It seems to be the only thing that is keeping me back. I mean i roll joints occasionally if i only have like half a gram or something, but even if i happen to roll a half gram blunt (i know i know its a pity theres only half a gram in there) i feel like get much higher than the joint. Also, one thing that sticks out in my head is a video i was watching of two rappers trying to get other rappers to quit blunts and switch to papers, they said 'we are always smoking (papers) because we cant feel it'

    Silly question but is the maybe an organic blunt wrap or perhaps one with less chemicals? I do notice that my tongue tingles and goes numb when i lick a blunt lol

    Ps bear with me here guys, im on a tablet so i cant properly type this out with my thoughts in all the correct places
  2. TLDR but just change to papers bro.
  3. that % of THC your talking about that you receive.... thats bullshit. its something that some pothead made up (and it became popular); it wasnt a MIT or Caltech study or anything, lol.

    joints are great. i personally use Elements 1 inch papers. dont table roll them or anything; roll them up just like a blunt. it will take practice (just like how rolling blunts did), but once you get it down, youll like it. more than a blunt? idk, thats personal preference, but i used to be a blunt guy and now im the joint man.
  4. Well you get a shit load of nicotine in a blunt and none in a joint.
    THC gets you high.
    THC + nicotine gets you way higher (at least, potentiated effects)

    Smoking a blunt is a different (stronger) high than other smoking methods so itd be easy to "not feel it" as much, I am the same way with joints/blunts. Plus a blunt typically has more weed. You could just smoke a cigarette or electronic cigarette after smoking a joint/bowl and youll get a similar effect.
  5. Because joints suck the shit out of my ass.
  6. Get a vaporizer for your lungs and the THC saving.
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    I saw you on that other thread making an ass of yourself, you just told someone else not to assume things, so do some reasearch yourself before you assume shit on MY thread.

    Edit: oh and this too.. It cites the studies
  8. Neither, get yourself a nice bowl and save weed.
  9. I have a bowl man, but i like the aesthetic pleasure of rolling something with my own two then smoking it
  10. Lol bro why would a J be less efficient than a blunt.

    No one needs to convince you of shit. Do you wanna get less phlegm, better lungs, look and feel better? No? Keep smoking blunts and die a shorter life, I could care less about what actions you pursue.

  11. If you read the original post you wouldnt be asking that. But, im not exactly sure how ill look better if i smoke less blunts lol
  12. Reread your op. You didnt explain how js are less efficient. You just spouted nonsense. Maybe you roll blunts better, or use shitty papers. Also, the length of time it burns =/= to efficiency necessarily. How would you look better? Simple equation: Put less toxic shit in your body, look less toxic.
  13. Yea I'm a joint man as well just recently turned back to them for the second time and keeping it that way.

    If you think about it, doing so can benefit you in so many ways expense wise, its healthier, and you get HIGHER off joints. Why is that well the price for blunts are ridiculous, blunt paper is full of nicotine, its thicker vs. joint papers way thinner (I suggest starting with RAW papers personally I love them they are made of hemp and non bleached, so it's more natural), and let's face it less paper burns more of your weed giving you a much better high.
  14. Switch to papers. Thats what I did and I enjoy smoking a lot more. I just feel better overall. I think its because no nicotine. Although I smoke a blunt every couple months. I choose bowls over both but joints are healthier. No tobacco, no chemicals, no nicotine, no crap basically. Although you wont get the tobacco "high" which makes people think they are getting more blazed.

  15. Be a little more intelligent.. At least the people who disagree with me are a little more... Refined, for lack of a better word. But no matters, because i asked and i cant pick whos going to respond. What papers do you use?
  16. Average THC that reaches user: 20-26% (Perez-Reyes), 50%* (Gieringer, 1).

    theres a number directly from the link you posted. according to your "study," joints give you more THC than vaporizers, something that isnt commonly accepted in the smoking world.

    the thread i was "making an ass of myself" that you are speaking of was about a kid who saw an episode of "True Life: Im Addicted to Marijuana" and bought into the nonsense they parodied on marijuana.

    im not participating in this unintelligible conversation anymore, because obviously intelligent input isnt accepted in "your thread."

    good day.

  17. read the article.. it even says the 2nd study didnt use actual humans it was theory-based... thats why the findings are completely inconclusive.. come on you think theres a 100% increase in efficiency between 2 different studies and you just jump on the better of the two, hahahahaha
  18. Please inform me how I'm not being intelligent. I'll wait for you to provide me with evidence. I believe it was you who came up with random percentages to begin your logic as to why blunts were better. If you don't want me to respond, don't quote me. I'm not gonna sugar coat my words and pat you on the bottom to make sure you enjoy what I type. When I do smoke with papers, I prefer unbleached raws w/ filter tips. The hemp seems to burn very slow, and if you get the king size, they can last longer than a blunt if rolled well. I tend to vaporize exclusively these days.
  19. Two words

    Glass bong.
  20. I commend you, however I raise you a:
    Vape bong

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