Someone chopped my plants - any chance to re-root

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Russ d, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    someone chopped my plants at the base the other night and dragged them off and dumped them. does anyone know if the full plant can re-root like a clone? 2 were started flower the other two were still in veg and transitioning. all of these plants were big, between 7-9' tall.

    they were pretty beat up with broken branches and such, I cut all the broken stuff off and took a razor knife to the base and peeled bark back made a sort of spear, and stuck them back in the soil as I don't have any containment to put in rock wool or anything crazy.

    one looks to be doing better but the other 3 not-so-much and just wondering if its even possible
  2. Nah, when the root ball is separated you have no chance of it coming back.
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  3. Damn Jon, Ill be honest that wasnt the answer I was hoping for. oh well I guess ill just have to take the lesson learned and make sure my crop is secure next year.

    Thank you for the quick reply
  4. Damn that sucks, fucking pricks!
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  5. yeah they left me a late plant thats about 2' tall and flowering and 2 branches on one of my big ones. dragged them through the woods and just dumped them. not sure what the purpose of it was but I think it was political as I dont have any enemies and if I do they sure dont know I grow unless they stalking my property.
  6. That's DIRTY. Why can't people leave stuff alone? Are they close to a neighbor's house? Maybe the smell set them off? Not that it's a good reason to do what they did, just trying to figure out why.

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  7. @leafsforever3 I grew all summer last year and it was pretty smelly, neighbor is like 80+ years old too and friends with another neighbor of mine, neither of us think he did it. there is a power right of way with a trail into his yard though, I think they just used his yard to get to mine. not sure why they wouldn't just leave them where they chopped em though.
  8. Probably because they didn’t want you to salvage anything. Sorry dude
  9. They were probably stealing them and then either got scared or realized they hadn't budded out yet.

    Or if you were guerilla growing it might have been the pissed off land owner. I'll chop down anyones plants on my or my families property without 1 fuck given.
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  10. Its my property so not that....
    I honestly have no idea what the motive was
  11. Probably never will either, unfortunately.
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  12. Thieves. It will happen growing outdoors. I've had plenty taken over the years
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  13. I'd be thinking a rival drug dealer or competitor..
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  14. good possibility
  15. Really? That sounds a bit crazy guys! A drug dealer??lol

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  16. Got a pic of your grow? Everyone has a camera phone these days.

  17. You could try re-rooting some of the branches?
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  18. probably what I should have done. figured its prob too high stress for the plant either way
  19. who knows, now its legal someone might be growing to sell it, im not but maybe they figure the less in the area the better for them... honestly I have no clue what the motive was
  20. Why so?

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