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Somehow this got me baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smilingbacon, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So me and my neice decided to smoke out of a chocolate milk bottle.
    We cut a hole in the side and made a bowl.

    Somehow it hit SOOOOOO well.
    I don't know what we did but it was good because I took 7 hits and I was coughing so hard and crying cause I was coughing. (more like tearing up)

    Then we went swimming and it felt like hours and hours. I kept thinking of forest rodents falling over cliffs and stuff. I found a video I don't remember making and we were eating nachos. (whered we get nachos?)

    After two or three hours it started going down and I was like wow that was amazing

    But I did the same bag of weed before and it was nowhere near how good it was.

    I will do it again tonight with the chocolate milk thing and see if the same effect is made.
  2. sounds good, but i dont think what your smoking out of will affect your high very much. the kids of hit can a little. try using steamrollers or bongs, seems like you like big hard hits
  3. There are many things that affect how high you get and how long you stay high. The quality of the bud, how much you smoked, did you hold your hits? first high of the day? I can guarantee it wasn't the bowl. Again you did hit it pretty hard and thats another thing that affects it, if you like taking big hits, then i'd go buy a bong if i were you. you can take a huge rip and get blazed as shit. None of this matters man, it got you high as hell and thats all that matters.
  4. I'd check to make sure that you're not actually burning the chocolate milk bottle itself and getting high off the toxic plastic fumes.

  5. Nothing on the plastic was melted. All the chocolate milk was gone so ya.
  6. More space in bottle=further smoke has to travel=bigger hits

    This is why you got higher

  7. Hmmmm.... my 1 gallon gatorade bottle will have use to it.

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