Someday in the future

Discussion in 'General' started by buddlove, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. a group of people are going to be smoking a blunt during blunt break at work and say

    "i still cant believe weed was once illegal lol"
  2. Highly doubt that bro... I mean it's not like you get a 'beer break' at work. Why would they let you smoke weed on the job, even if it was legal?
  3. well i was thinking since theres cigarette breaks why not blunt breaks? people can still function properly after a few drags from the blunt, probably even smoke to alleviate some stress from the work day
  4. I dunno man, that's pretty irresponsible. I mean you can't compare weed smoking to cig smoking, they're two diff drugs. I don't think it would be a good idea. I'd rather it be legal, come home from a hard day of work, then smoke my joint like I would drink my beer.
  5. Same can be said for alcohol.

    The reality is, is that it's unprofessional to be intoxicated during work hours. They call it recreation for a reason.
  6. i feel you. but thats not the reason i made this thread lol, i was trying to convey that people in the future are going to look back one day and laugh at the thought of weed being illegal

  7. Haha I get what you mean bro, just tryin to be realistic.
  8. Yeah, sort of like how we look back at alcohol prohibition.

    I like the ending scene of "The Untouchables". The reporter asks Elliot Ness "What are you going to do if prohibition is appealed?"

    He smiles and replies "I'll have myself a drink."

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