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  1. Ok so I germinated 25 random seeds (strains unknown). Of these seeds I got 16 to sprout in a day. I planted 8 of them in miracle grow organic soil with about 35% perlite added in. I planted them April 3rd and I have already had to transplant 6 of them into bigger containers. They are on an 18/6 light cycle with 4 plants under a t5 fluorescent light and 4 plants under an LED pushing4000 lumens. The temp stays at 82 degrees. They are watered regularly and they get liquid seaweed with their watering. I'm gonna let them veg for about 2 more weeks then I'm going to change their light cycle to 12/12 and hit them with some tiger bloom. Let me know what you think and tell me if you see any obvious problems





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  2. If that's all the space you have you should just run your lights 12/12 from start to finish ...

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  3. Thanks for the reply Viking! Could you provide some detail as to why i should have been on a 12/12? I thought you wanted to let your plants veg for about 6 weeks to gain some good strength and then flower them. I guess your prolly right though, the plants are going to be too big for the box or what?

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  4. Well is that cab where they are going to be their whole life? Start to finish?

    If it is then the point of starting 12/12 is to finish the plant fastest but also the smallest size possible.

    If you start 12/12 the plant will veg for about a month or until it reaches sexual maturity then flower.

    And that cab doesn't look like it has any height to it.

    If that is you cab I would take out the middle shelf, and cram as many one gallon pots as you can and just run your lights 12/12, you will be harvesting about every 3-4 months.

    This method is called sea of green or sog.

    Or 2ND choice is to fit 1 plant in there and do a scrog in there. You will have to veg it longer too fill the screen.

    But look into them both.

    See what you like and go with it.

    Sog or scrog
    Look into them

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