somebody please help me !!! :(

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  1. PLEASE HELP ME :'( :(
    :(:(:(:(I recently put my potted plant in to the ground. Before I put it into the ground it was beautiful, about 2 feet tall so far and the leaves were pretty small. This is my first time, and I have no idea what the strain is or anything like that so I hope that doesn't make things difficult. Anyway, I got some vegetable soil, I got some fertilizer............and I got Miracle Gro. I COMPLETELY messed up, and I don't even know where my biggest problem is, but there are many possibilities of what could be wrong with the plant. First off, I was putting TOOOOOO much Miracle Gro, and by the time I found out it was too late, all the damage had been done but there are multiple symptoms. First off, some of the leaves were burnt, which was expected due to the Miracle Gro I was putting in, but I haven't put any in for three days now and I've been watering daily but I've only been giving the plant about 1L a day of water, which leads to my next problem. EVERY single leaf, literally, is shrivelled up. Yesterday they weren't brittle/dry, but today they were! I stuck my finger in the soil before I watered it and it was damp, but not "wet" so I watered it,and yesterday I had read some forums saying it was either under-watered or over-watered, and due to the brittle leaves today I gave it about 2L of water hoping that that's enough, because I'm worried that it is over-watered so I didn't want to give it too much, but if it IS underwatered then maybe I didn't give it enough. It's not that the leaves are wilting though, they are COMPLETELY shriveled, and the plant looks HORRIBLE, it's very VERY sad. I don't know what to do at this point, I have lost all hope, but if there is something I could do I'd love to know. Should I cut off all the leaves at this point so that they arent sucking all the nutrients away from the plant right now, or should I just cut the branches off entirely? My friend who is somewhat experienced told me to flush the plant and see what happens, but once again that brings me back to the concern of "what if it IS overwatered?". If that is the case, and I flush the plant then it will FOR SURE die, so right now I'm meeting in the middle and giving it more water than usual but not entirely flushing it. I'm also not sure if maybe the plant went into shock from me transferring it, but personally I thought it was an okay job. The soil on my property is quite dry so I am really leaning towards it being underwatered, I think the soil around my vegetable soil is just sucking all the water from the plants, but it's a tough call because I'm such a newb!!!! I really hope you or someone can help me. Thanks, and sorry for the really long description.

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