Somebody please help me i am a first time grower

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  1. Please help. I'm a first time grower. I'm growing trans siberian an autoflowering strain, and i planted the seedling about a week and a half ago and although it is growing, i see other people's plants and they have like 8 big nice green leaves by now and i only have 4 (2 decent fan leaves and 2 baby fan leaves) i keep it on a 24 hour light cycle and i water it properly. I use a 250 watt light bulb (nothing fancy) can somebody please help me ! :( I only have 2 seeds I don't have much room for mistakes. Please help


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  2. Your first mistake was to get only 2 seeds as a new grower. Your baby's look okay, maybe little overwatered. They will extend their roots before you'll see much growth above the soil, hence most ppl start seeds in solo cups.
  3. You say 250 watt light bulb...what type of light exactly, CFL, HID, useless incandescent!?

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