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Somebody know of something i can use....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 7brad7, May 15, 2011.

  1. asomebody know of somethin i can use instead of a rolling paper or blunt to roll up in bcause im stuck at the house (no car) for the night and im out of papers...?
  2. bible paper works best. you could always just make a gravity all you need is two bottles and a socket
  3. Go Willie Nelson on that bitch and use an Apple. It works.
  4. make a bong? just need tin foil, a bottle and garden hose
  5. An apple works the best.

    My friend and I were on a mission last night at 11:00. No tobacco stores are open that late. Shitty liquor stores and 7/11s don't sell glass pipes. We had to buy an apple and a pen. After our mission we were successfully high and all was well.

    That's the last time I ever forget my pipe at my house.
  6. people always say blah blah dont smoke out of homemade that use plastic tubes, staws, foil, bottles, copper, boner, boner, boner but honestly i always thought that rolling joints out of phone book pages and shit like some of these apprentice tokers do is the most retarded shit ever.
  7. Bible paper dawg or the paper saved for notes at the end of a dictonary. or just make a quick tiny
  8. dont smoke out of any paper that isnt marketed for use in smoking. make a pipe, bong, or best of all make a waterfall bong. hits hard, but fucks you up and down and conserves weed.
  9. Dont inhale chemicals, Hot knife it.
  10. lmfao at all the antichrist bastards in this threads

    anyways use bible paper. the first page, make sure the joint says the holy bible on it and burst that shit into flames
  11. no one has ever said anything about boners, got my eye on you dawg
  12. If you must have a joint, use a 5 gum wrapper with the foil peeled off. If that doesnt work you can use some bibles as long as there is no ink on that piece of paper.

    But, i would recommend and apple pipe. all you need is a screwdriver an apple and some tinfoil.
  13. DO NOT USE BIBLE PAPER. Most likely every bible in your home is newer therefor made from 25% cotton and linen rags or flax in combination with chemical wood pulp. If you did have an old old old one made from hemp it would be stupid to defile it, for it's age and antiqueness, not because it's a bible. Just find shit around the house to make a homemade piece if you can't go and buy a blunt for a dollar.
  14. Youtube "homemade bong"
  15. Use any old bible papers if you have them, apple, hot knives, make a steamroller etc.
  16. Glass soda bottle. Dry it out, put the weed in the bottom. put it a straw in that bitch, hold it over the stove till the weed vaporizes. works great

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