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Somebody Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrsSteel101, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Im 5'5 190lbs. Exercise 3-5 times weekly. Last smoked 7 weeks ago. Smoked every day to every other day prior. Although I did take a two month break over the summer.

    I went in for a drug screen Friday. I wasn't worried since figured I would be good to go after 30 days. When I got to the clinic they informed me their machine wasn't working I would have to go to another location. I couldn't hold it so I pissed there and drank more water so I could piss at the other location. Test came back negative dilute. I was not trying to dilute purposely at all. Today I had to take a rapid test and they sent off my urine to the lab because they said the result was inconclusive. For a piece of mind I went to another clinic and paid for a test. Those results came back negative immediately. Can anyone provide any feedback as to why this test came back negative and im having issues with this other test. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
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    Let's try to put a little common sense to use here.
    You took a drug test on Friday..their machine was down, so they sent you somewhere else. You accidentally diluted your urine which caused them to re-test you today.
    You also went to another clinic and paid them to drug test you today, which came back negative.
    You are asking why you are having issues with this other test. What other test? The one you accidentally diluted on? The results haven't even came back for their re-test yet...calm down and wait for the results.
    If none of that makes sense, then think about this. A lab drug test isn't going to be instant, it takes a few days for them to send the sample off and get the results back. A dip-stick test is instant and much easier to pass, they are also much cheaper.
    So you might pass a dip-stick drug test easily, but may fail a lab test because it is actually going to analyze the urine to make sure there isn't anything fishy going on and to make sure it's actual urine.
  3. Well the first test came back from the lab as a negative dilute. They told me today that they were going to do an e screen rapid test and I would have my results in one hour. However, for some reason their machine told them to send the specimen to the lab. I always thought that they would only send a specimen off if it was a non negative result that needed confirmation. This is what kinda freaked me out! Just for a peace of mind, I went to an urgent care clinic. The guy there used a rapid panel dipstick and stated it was more accurate than an over the shelf test. He said it was definitely negative. In your opinion, do you think I will pass the lab results?
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    7 weeks.. And you exercise, sweating is very good. 
    Don't worry I honestly think you're good..7 weeks of not smoking should be more than enough.
    Also, if your urine was pretty clear on the first test, that would be why they failed you automatically. Sending it off to a lab is normal in most cases, but they wouldn't waste the money sending an obviously diluted sample to the lab. Definitely wouldn't be freaking out about anything if I were in your shoes.
  5. Thank you for your advice and input!! :)
  6. Give us a update when the test comes back, eager to find out :)
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    Simple question, why risk freedom or job opportunities to get high?

    Are you an addict?

    Addicts cant control their behavior in my experience, which is a family of addicts who blame others when they should blame self. So why are you stepping on your own dick?

    Edit: 7 weeks is a long time, why are you worried? I doubt you have anything in your system at all tbh.
  8. What I failed to mention earlier, is that when I went and had an independent test done, and the dipstick came back negative, I went ahead and paid extra for it to be sent to the lab. Those results were negative. However the employer result came back positive.
  9. After 30 days?! Jeeze, your bf% must be around 30?
  10. I don't know. Im not super skinny, I am thick but im toned. I work out regularly. I've been able to pass urine tests after being clean 30 days before. I took an over the counter drug test from Walgreens a week before this test and it was negative. I honestly thought I would be good to go after 7 weeks. I wasn't even worried about taking this test initially. The other labs came back negative. I did nothing to dilute or mask the other labs. I spoke with the guy that did my independent drug test and he told me that he has been doing drug tests for 7 years and he has never heard of someone testing negative on one lab and testing positive on the other.
  11. Damn, I've passed probation UA's like 2-3 days after smoking high quality... ALWAYS drink at least half of 1 gallon of water and pop like 6 b12 or b2 (I forget)vitamins in the morning before the test to make your pee yellow.
  12. Will do next time! I guess I just have shitty luck! :-\
  13. We are all here to help. :)
  14. Do you sweat a lot when working out? If not then that could be the reason you failed the test.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  15. I sweat tremendously!! I soak my shirts! I don't understand, I guess I never will. :-\
  16. Water? I'm tall and athletic built so you got me by 5 pounds.

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.

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