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somebody help me!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dirtycorndogs, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. yesterday was my second time smokin weed. the first time i didnt get high. so i used a lightbulb vape and probably vaped like a gram all by myself. inwas good untill i got in the shower. it felt like my bodyparts werent attached to me and everything was like laggy (like im doing things and then when i stop im like woah how did i end up doing this). this lasted for 6 hours and i was good for rest of day. this morning i woke up and was fine untill about 2. im not even high and i think i experiencing "depersonalization". i feel as if everythings is working by itself and im just sittin in my brain. when will it stop its driving me crazy?!?
  2. please help! its like a never ending stoned feeling. everythings is slow motion and i get dizzy.
  3. either troll or....someone who got tooooo high.
  4. Lay down and go to sleep. If you still feel bad in the morning then you've probably had a permanent psychotic break and should seek immediate commitment to a reputable mental health facility.

    You should also probably lay off the smoke until you're at least 18.
  5. Hook me up with some of that bud. If I could stay high I'd save alot of money.
  6. swear im not a troll. i remember taking about 11 hits and i only weigh 120 so i might have overdone it
  7. Dude, just take it easy!
    Have a cold shower, or put your head under cold water, and lay down.

    And also next time your start puffing on the green, dont take a full gram since your body isnt used to it. Instead i say start with .3g's and if that doesnt do it take a little more till you just jammin :)
  8. so its been 3 days now and the slow motion and whatnot is gone. the only problem i have now is that my sense of touch is delayed and not as good as before. should i just wait this out to?
  9. when i first smoked i experienced the same kind of thing as you. i was worried because my friends that i smoked with didnt have any of the symptoms that i had. for about 2 days after i smoked my sense of touch delayed kind of like you said. nothing to worry about just wait it out and it will be all good

  10. thanks. it feels like my hands arent attached and im just feeling stuff lol. i also have a cold so maybe thts why im buggin out so much
  11. yea it was weird like i felt as if i would space out really easy and my touch was messed up but every time i smoked after that was fine so no worries

  12. i see u post alot and you assume everyone in the apprentice tokers section is under 18.

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