Somebody give these people a condom

Discussion in 'General' started by Ali_g_indahouse, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. can't believe they're putting that on tv.

    fucking little kids are getting stupid as shit lately.

  2. I know why not put like idk a sex ed special on instead?
  3. Or ... how about the fucking MUSIC television channel actually plays...I don't know...some fuckin music for once lol damn. :)
  4. Sorry its been so long I can't remember when mtv played music.
  5. hahaha no shit right? oh well all music right now fucking blows. they play like 4 songs on repeat on the radio up here
  6. I know when I get in the car to leave and then when I get into the car to go home its the same fucking song. So maybe its not so bad that mtv doesn't play any music videos anymore.
  7. i remember they used to play music when i was a little kid. a lot of freshmen ive come across while partying this last semester thought i was seriously bullshitting when i mentioned that MTV used to actually play only music videos 24 hrs a day.
  8. I remember when they were playing at least some music....they had TRL and some other countdown shows dedicated to different genres of music through out the day and had like a few reality shows now its all stupid shit....Hell all the people I know only watch MTV to laugh at the jackasses on their reality shows.
  9. Hopefully it'll educate some people.

    What else do you expect from MTV, though? They broadcast some of the stupidest shit on TV.

    I mean, who gives a flying fuck who Paris Hilton's 'BFF' is? :rolleyes:
  10. well, given a choice to hear news about paris hiltons vagina or todays leaning towards the vagina.

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