somebody fucked up my car...advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by GuerillaGrower, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. okay well some asshole scratched up every side of my car, wrote pussy in it with some dicks. they went inside and stole my radar and my stereo head. im 99% sure i know who is responsible but i have no proof. should i bother getting police involved? is this type of this covered by my insurance? how would you go about dealing with this? thank you.
  2. Then you could claim for vandalism off your insurance but you need a police report...

    Hope this helps :)
  3. omfg dude, that blows, im sorry. That's just a tasteless crime. The criminal has no class
  4. just tried, the body damage is not covered, and i have a 500$ deductible on the stolen items and their only worth around 600$, not much sense in filing a claim for 100 bucks...

    so pretty much im out of luck. the shitty part of it is, its only a 96 civic and its only worth about 2000$ but it was in great condition looked nice at least. i just recently got into an accident when someone stopped short on a rainy day and i went sliding into them. of corse the whole front end of my car is totalled and no damage to theirs. so now i have to get it repainted, rebuild almost all of the body work on the front end, and replace the stolen items. you can do the math on what that all is going to cost me for a 2 thousand dollar car. not worth it to fix it, but i dont have any other choice its all i have...

    i dont even know what to dooo:(:mad:
  5. Revenge!!!
  6. fuck the police.

    dude if your really really pissed go to the person who you think did it get a couple of your friends and take the car brake's oil empty the bottle all over his car that will cost him a new paint job really expensive break head lights 2 hahahha EVIL
  7. the thing is, me and him go back a lil ways. he's 16 and im 18, i fought him a while back and he went crying to his mom/the police. no charges pressed because it was a "mutaual fight" blhblahblah. to make a long story short, i think its better if the police dont find out about would be even worse if i took revenge, and the cops found out i would probably just get fucked even harder. he thinks he "deals" im thinking of maybe getting someone to call him up for a half zip or something...then robbing him/beating his ass.
  8. yeah thats perfecta dealer stole my money once

    so i made a friend call him up ask him for half a quarter of hash and the dealer got it my friend beat the shit out of him took the hash,money and phone then i showed up and spat on his face and told him to be straight with buyers next time :) hahahah makes me laugh i was acting too tough lol

  9. punisher style!

  10. thats good, my idea is similar. me and my circle of friends know a few black kids (no offense) who just dont give a fuck. you know what i mean. theyre down for anything and have nothing to lose. so ill just tell the kid i need a bag, and theyll beat his ass for me...and they can have the buds for their dirty work. i wont even have to touch the kid :eek:

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