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somebody blow up my computer!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. i woulda been here a helluva lot more if it wasnt for a broken computer, lots of jagermeister, beer bongs, buds, babes, and bruises..

    i apologize for teasing you all with my return only to be swept away with computer homosexuality..

    NOW...i am back....barring any computer shitting of the pants.
  2. well..the deviant remarks were kept to a minimum, seeing as how my parents were home, but there was a lot of 1001100010101001010100010101010100011100001010010011000101010010101010111000010101001000010010010010100001010111100000101010110100

    and where in the hell is this town crier shit at?..its it obviously labeled for quick recall?

    or do i have to be taking a dump with my monacle on with a bullet proof laptop to read your encoded messages #4?
  3. hahaha...this is good stuff. Computer homosexuality. Sounds like a stoner thing lol.
  4. Why...that's all I have to ask Obliviot. Why?

    You confused me more then I needed to be lol.
  5. none of your binary code makes sense, none of it said ANYTHING haha.. you dumb dumbs...


    have fun "translating" that :p

  6. LMAO!!! I luv ya geek. :D
  7. okay thats close, but its all text that i had.. it was "you gotta be slick to be able to read binary code"
  8. okay uhh. are you using ASCII text for this crap? im in america, using an american keyboard, im really confused, im not getting anything you guys are typing, and i have a decoder, haha...
  9. oh dear god..what have i done...


    oh man...

    now i think i know how you all feel when i rant

  10. If Jesus programmed computers it would be you.
  11. yes..critter...EXACTAFUCKINGLUTELY..or..


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