Some yellowing N/Mag def?

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  1. Looks like possible Nitrogen or maybe a Magnesium deficiency, I watered with 1T epsom salts to a gallon a few weeks back but it hasnt greened up much. I water once every few weeks with general hydro maxibloom. Soil grow, black gold/perlite/mushroom compost mix. Only other additive is 1T/gal molasses a couple times since flowering. I know the light makes diagnosis a little difficult, hopefully we can see through. If not I can take it under a blue-r light and get some cleaner pics.'

    Overall garden, you can see the yellowing on several plants.


    Up close of the worst yellowing lady:


    A little bit better view:


    you can see the greener leaves on top, and the yellowing on the bottom. I seem to have this issue throughout my garden, so id like to find the culprit so I can get the green restored to my sanctuary :)
  2. If you don't mind me butting in, I would suggest that from the pretty heavy claw action ya got brewing on those leaves, you may have a bit too much Nitrogen in the soil. Your plants are jamming along, though. They look like some serious smoke, man. Good run. Have you found a noticeable difference in using the molasses? I'm using it on my current grow, and I'm still on the fence about how much sugars are being utilized, but from my perspective, it can't hurt, huh?

    Is it a sativa/indica cross? Kinda looks like it......maybe it's taking after its sativa side, and not really needing a whole lot in terms of nutes. :smoke:

    See if you can cut back the nute mix to half-strength, give it about a week and see what happens.
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    Hmm, could be I do have that claw look on quite a few. I had some whiteflies and I think they respond that way to them, but I think some of it could be N overdose. Maybe I will continue with the epsom salts and see if its a mg def. To be honest I really dont feed that much, maybe once or twice a month. They just dont seem to need alot of nutrients.

    The molasses seems to make a difference, and for how dirt cheap it is, it cant hurt. I used it on this one I finished a while back and I got 2 pretty nice sized colas. Total ~2oz from a ~2ft plant.

    Day of harvest:


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    You really dont want to be giving them much N in flower

    Edit: How many weeks into flowering are you? Hard to tell because of the lighting but yellowing leaves usually ocur later in flowering as the plants using up the last of the N, and usually starts in older lower leaves.
  5. How many weeks, into 12/12 are they ?
  6. Kind of a mix on 12/12 The last pics I posted were taken harvest day, so those are done. The pics of the plants I am having issues with are ~4weeks in. The garden has a few in different stages, but the bulk of the ones yellowing ARE getting close to harvest (~3weeks left) but are yellowing differently, and harder than the last batch. Its not quite the same 'yellowing' that occurs near the end of life.

    One of them seems to be responding to a second round of epsom salted water, so possibly a Mg def. Anyone else using Maxi-bloom have issues with Ca/Mg deficiencies? The nutes claim to contain Ca/Mg but maybe not enough?
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    Now is not the time to worry about your Nutrients, for this batch. 4 weeks or so, Not bad.5-6 weeks left, is this your first Grow ?

    If your thinking problems, I can't see ( HPS is on ) and it would be wrong of me, to state otherwise.

    Got any 100 watt, Ceiling bulbs, So I can see your *plants ?
  8. looks like some heatstress and maybe overfert.. but some pics without the HPS would be huge man.
  9. Yeah the HPS makes everything look yellow.

    But you got some serious Taco'ing going on too.

    Im having problems in my room too, with the yellowing. But I hope you get everything worked out man.

    The bud you just harvested looks pretty dank.
  10. Ok new pics in, sorry for the delay.

    Pics of what I think is Mg def:



    These pics I think are yellowing due to end of life, I seem to notice that 'purpling' almost on the yellowing leaves, and thats what my other plants have looked like near their end.


    This is the one with the major taco-ing not sure what its deal is, the buds and hairs look great, but the leaves look like ass.


    And this is just a shot of one doing pretty good, the bud to plant ratio is insane on these guys, all of them are having trouble holding up their own buds :D

  11. damn man. nice bud. looks pretty dankski.

    steady blazin':smoking:
  12. Wow dude.. looking good. The yellowing could me a N or Mag def... but also could be end of life like you said. Ive read in a few grows where that happened. BTW, that is one pimp ass kiddie pool :smoking:
  13. THe kiddie pool is ballin, thanks :) thanks for the input, still looking on some confirmation of deficiency:confused:

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