some words about capitalism

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  1. the philosophy of laissez faire makes claims like how if someone works hard they work to earn more money and create competition. well things like the government bailout and high national debt the economy gets weaker because people are deemed to big to fail and are above working for a living and how the spending that the government makes is bad for the strength of the dollar.
  2. yeah dude, shits fucked up
  3. Ok?

    Being born into a capitalistic place makes me want to work hard as fuck to get somewhere.

    If i was born into a REAL communist location i would be fine with that also and work way less.

    Communism ftw
    Capitalism ftw
    Like we have to deal with it no matter what way we have it.
    Us as humans are able to adapt to these fucked up things so im proud of that.

    I think this quote does the job for me... "Agriculture creates trade"

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