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Some white russian

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by POWiz, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So well I havent really seen alot of pics of this strain, so heres one, I had a deal to bring it all the way from Cali, im from central america.. Its REALLY good shit, clean high, really really fucking powerfull!

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  2. u had a deal to bring it all the way from cali?

    Dealer: "Yo, I'm going to cali to pick up some fire fire, need any?"
    POWiz: "Yeah, I'll be waiting."
    *hangs up*
    *Dealer re-ups from usual guy and sit's at home for 4 days telling his clientele he's in cali*
    *phone rings after dealer decides he's "been gone" long enough*
    POWiz: "Hello?"
    Dealer: "Hey bro, I'm back from Cali, I got this killer White Russian while I was up there, wana cop an oz? It's gona cost extra cuz it's from Cali [bud] but it's way worth it!"
    POWiz (after being duped): "Yeah, I'll be right over"
  3. how much is that ? 8-10 grams maybe?
  4. Lol you must have bought a LOT to justify all that effort.
  5. I just drank about 15 oz of white russian. The drink though.

  6. White russians are the bomb, Fantastic after dinner desert.

    Oh yeah the weed dont look bad. enjoy :smoke:
  7. All the way from california? thats deep.
  8. can you explain that california central america thing lmao? looks like some dank bud but a little leafy.
  9. i think there was a little bit more to it then just the bud.
  10. Looks like a few small buds in the plastic of a cigg pack. Either way, looks decent. I dunno about it being white russian, but good none the less.
  11. That looks like leafs and stems
  12. Well here in CR we dont really get any good dank, unless you grow your own.. So yeah, that came from cali, old friend sent it to me.. It was pretty dank, and yes a little leafy but still really good shit. And thats around 7g

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