Some Weird Weed Stories - 2022

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  1. Just a little Year's end silliness! Some of them are "a bit" strange! :huh: And sadly, the Chiba Chia Bong is still sold out. :sad:

    The weirdest, wildest weed stories of 2022
    The weirdest, wildest weed stories of 2022

    Behold the winners of Leafly’s annual Doobious Achievement Awards: A magnificent list of heroes, zeroes, dunderheads, idiots, narcs, and stoopid stoners.
    Cannabis can bring out the funny in all of us. It can also unlock wild creativity, odd choices, and head-scratching marketing campaigns.

    Every year Leafly editors round up the year’s weirdest, funniest, stupidest, most audacious and shocking weed-related stories in one of our very favorite traditions: The Doobious Achievement Awards, named with a hat tip to the classic Esquire magazine feature.

    Here are this year’s wonderful winners and laughable losers.

    Best bumblers of 2022: Minnesota’s legalizin’ state legislators
    In their zeal to regulate products containing hemp-derived cannabis compounds, Minnesota state legislators passed a law that inadvertently legalized edibles containing up to 5 mg of THC per serving. The law took effect on July 1.

    The Star Tribune reported that Republican state Sen. Jim Abeler says he didn’t realize the new law would legalize THC edibles. After an amendment passed unanimously during a legislative session in May, Abeler said: “That doesn’t legalize marijuana — we just didn’t do that, did we?”

    They did. Abeler wanted to repeal the new law, but Democratic Gov. Tim Walz and the Democrat-controlled House are in favor of cannabis legalization—which is expected to happen in 2023. So the law remained in effect.(snipped)

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