Some weed raps

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  1. Just some verses ive thrown down about the good herb and hustlin. Not exactly songs cause i always start another before i complete the others lol


    We rollin up those swisher sweets and those philly blunts
    You know we packin heat and we shootin guns
    This that gangsta g who loves the buds
    Dont matter if i lean ill still give you slugs

    Everyday when im rollin im high
    every mornin, every evenin, every night
    I dont worry bout money cause i got that cake
    cash flow starts comin at the top of the day
    Early in the morning im on my grind
    Sun up to sun down, rain or shine
    No holidays for me, no vacations
    when i take a trip, money is my destination


    Im in this paper chase tyrin to the cake
    I need to be first place, im grindin all day
    No stoppin the want, cant hide the need
    its all i got, its what i have to believe
    the fiends need my goods, but money is my addiction
    If you come through my hood, youll meet my affliction
    i dont need the gun, but i still carry the glock
    You know what street youre on cause the bustin wont stop
    But thuggin's whats comin when your grind is buzzin
    you got the jack boys and the cops is buckin
    Tha heat is a need when you run the streets
    N if the boys stuntin, your belts where you reach


    OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp
    Jollyrancher, that motherfuckin Syrup
    We got our purple drank and our purple blunt
    I try and think, but dont know whats up
    I reah high, but lean to the side
    I feel like the continental divide
    Eyes hella red, legs are so dead
    Will i ever get off this jet
    Head in the clouds, noises so loud
    Please dont make me come down


    Give me a sick beat to spit with
    Give me a glass of patron to sip with
    Now give me a blunt to hit with
    Do you understand to get this
    Theres three things i need
    A beat, my drank, and my weed
    If i have those then im set
    Superman, no need for the bullet proof vest

    No weaknesses tongiht
    no kryptonite
    no feelings no nothin
    no seeing no touching
    just sitting and wishing
    that this will never end
    just laying and praying
    this day comes again
    Cuz, i need the sensation in my mind when i ryme
    i get the motivation from when im high

    i know there not great, just summiin fun i do to get through the school day​

  2. What do you all think?
  3. It's not bad for just fuckin around in school.

    Keep working though, you could write some bomb diggity rhymes.
  4. Thanks man!
  5. Metaphors man. That's all I have to say.
  6. As in i need to work on them? i have a couple in there but i know i need to improve. thats one thing though that takes a little work at to be good

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