Some weed I got Last Night Can anyone ID it?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Woods5050, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. I got this sack for $20 It smells really good and got alot of orange hairs... Can anyone know what kind it is later!! Cuz

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  2. here is a little nug

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  3. another pic

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  4. The whole sack is really some good stuff good high that lasts so long !!!!

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  5. yea... its what he said.......:D

    looks like some budd to me......
  6. looks like the brown stuff that i shit out.
  7. Personally.. it looks like some regular. All dark and stuff, I don't see how it could be too good..
  8. Looks like some weak bud to me.
  9. And if that's a 20 sack... then its some hella weak bud. It is just a picture, but from the looks, it's def. more than a quarter, and a q of some reg can go for 30 around here. So I think it's some shitty stuff.
  10. I cant stand peeps who buy weed then post a picture up here without any idea what strain it is and is like whast strain is this? Just pure ignorace.
  11. Yea just a little huh? When I get my weed, I know what it is, and I weigh it myself on the digits.

  12. It's up to them what they choose to post if they need help and want to know certain question us stoners are here to answer them.
  13. Thanks Weedboss Glad you said that, I didn't ask for any thing else but for help IDing it It's the cam that why the pic look so shitty believe me it's some good bud
  14. hey dudes if you got a problem with the nugs posted then just post better ones, no need to bitch and whine.

  15. I know that dude, i've seen much much better bud, but who gives a fuck at the end of the day where not smokin it nly WOOds is. So happy tokin dude.

  16. I can't stand peeps. Once tried to eat a 100. Made me puke. Those fuckers!
  17. hey if you get stoned off the shit, obvously its good enough right? Just cause it looks like poop or smells funky, dosnt mean it wont get you high, peace
  18. i had some stuff that had little orangish red hairs in it and it was the shit. it was some stuff imported from jamaica. smelled really good too. hopefully u can have the same luck with yours.
  19. looks nice and green! nice hairs! dunno wut strain it is but looks tasty!
  20. jesus you getr that much for 20$ !! i get like 1 / 5 that for 20$! haha

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