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Some uncomfortable symptons i get after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by visualsmoker, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. For a few hours after getting high, i always feel regretfullness, lose self confidence and get a little depressed.
    Any one else feel the same way? and any way i can avoid this?
  2. Pack another bowl
  3. .

    Or keep a look at what you're smokin. What strain is it? Is it indica or sativa?

    I used to feel like that and it was because I was smoking the wrong weed. Try some sativa. Pick up some bomb dank and I'm sure you won't feel depressed after :)
  4. just dont try to think, dont try to 'act' sober, smoke somewhere completly safe with no chsnce of getting caught, relax and just let your mind go.

  5. Quoted For Truth

    (Quite Fuckin True)
  6. + rep bro

  7. Right there, man. Sound advice for any psychoactive compound, actually.
  8. dont think that you have to act sober or anything like that. when im really baked i say the most redicilious things. sure, if i want to i can be perfectly straight, but if i dont have to why would i? just chill out and enjoy my friend. no reason to be regrettful.
  9. Perhaps theres soemthing inside you that says u dont want to smoke, or dont like the high.
    Or can't function right when ur high.

    Just use it whenever u want, and if it doesnt feel right, try to time it differently.
    It can make a world of difference.
  10. Sounds like guilt. When I first started smoking, I felt a little bad, because our society tells us it's wrong. Its far from the truth, try to forget everything DARE and all those other douchebags said about pot smokers.

    Keep on toking.
  11. sativas energize and lift

    heavy indicas drain
  12. Hey man, i used to have the same thing. I thought it was partially because of the people that i was around. That had some to do with it. Always turned into this competitive pissing contest. Trying to act hard.. tough.. in control.. that sucked. i made some new friends.. Always had a little to do with the crap we partook in..

    know thy self :)
  13. Hey, I'd say just ja \m with a bunchof really good friends and take it easyyou're supposedto relax not feel bad.

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