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Some tips for my GF

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MorganFreeman, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hey
    This summer, my girlfriend's gonna try smoking pot for the first time. She's always been really goody-goody, and I want her to have an enjoyable experience.
    I've been smoking weed for around 4 years, but the thing is, I don't remember my first time.
    Could you give me any tips to make the smoking process easier on her, or anything?

    Don't give me really obvious answers, like "Put on some tunes", or "Make sure she's in a relaxing environment".

    Thanks guys
  2. dont make her toke like u, give her ONE or two, maybe 3 hits max and let het do wat she wants, have some different things planned, like a movie if she doesnt want to move or something creative/fun if she does, try watchin funny vids/lookin at funny pics

  3. This. The worst thing you can do is forget it is her first time and get her super high. I know a lot of people who don't smoke because they got too high and flipped out.

  4. yea there have been times where I bug out, but thats usually when im with all my friends and end up smoking 2-3 blunts and my tolerance is zero
  5. I advise against using a bong as a first time. since she might be taking in too much to handle and she might freak out or get really really really high that its overwhelming.

    Have a j and let her smoke comfortably, as long as she is taking it into her longs, no matter how much smoke it is, then she'll be alright.

    I just realised I said "She'll be alright." Hahaha. Anyone down under would know what I am on about haha.
  6. I wouldn't give her a joint as you'd really have to suck in hard and remember to pull that smoke out of your mouth and into your lungs. Most people don't realize that. Plus, it's harsh.

    Like many said I'll just put em in a list
    1) If you're using a bong, ice that shit up and put all the bells and whistles--anything to make the smoke less harsh.
    2) Explain to her how to use it without lighting it. That means tell her to breathe in to hear the water bubble and stuff. Mock trial. Tell her its like breathing in and hold it for a few seconds and breathe out.
    3) Don't make her light it, you light it and pull out when you see enough smoke that milks up there. Why? She'll probably fuck it up since she's new(not her fault) and cough INTO the bong and splatter bong water and your bud all over you.

    Those are the only things I can think of other than not letting her toke too much. Hell, one hit will do with a bong. She'll feel it in 5-15 mins, if she ask if she's high, tell her to move her head left and right and if your brain doesn't catch up, you're high--you know what I mean :p If her eyes are read, cotton mouth, munchies, face feels preassured, etc etc etc, then she's high.
  7. nice man keep going

  8. Using a bong is not such a great idea. Its easy to not realize how much your really smoking. It happened to me when I was a lightweight and hit the bong. In my opinion you should pack her a .2 gram bowl at the most. And just let her kill it then cut her off. The first time youu smoke you don't realize how the effects should feel and could end up over doing it. Trust me when I say you really do have to monitor her and keep it in a safe enviroment. Its easy for people to flip have panic attacks and think they oded.
  9. Make sure she has a nice high protein snack or meal beforehand. Women are so often on diets...and you don't want her getting high the first time with low blood sugar.
  10. I disagree with controlling the amount she takes in. Any seasoned toker knows that you never get as high as you did the first few times. I think you should take advantage of it.
  11. Persuade her to try a few times before judging.

  12. Yea bro and your quite the expert on the subject with two posts. And your wrong period. If someone is doing anything for the first time they need to ease into it. Again I can't count the people who don't smoke because somebody got them way too high there first time. Not only is it stupid its a waste of weed.
  13. i think if she is usually kind of goody-goody she could be a bit scared of a device the size of a bong. roll a fine joint, just not too big, let her smoke as much as she wants but make sure she takes at least 2-3 hits and watch her not to smoke too much. dont forget about sth to drink
  14. The reason some people don't get high the first time is because they don't know how to smoke. The thing I remember most about my first time is how bad the smoke tasted. Needless to say, I didn't get all that high. I would recommend a vape if you have one but if not an iced up bong. Just keep track of how much she smokes. .2 of decent mids will more than get the job done for someone new. Hell, I've been smoking for a year and that still works for me to some extent. And from experience, a lot of new people insist that they don't feel anything and that they need more. Don't just keep giving them more right away. I learned this the hard way after the person I was giving weed to went into a full blown panic attack 20 minutes after.

  15. You're a fool if you think the number of posts on any Forum of any kind has any bearing on one's expertise on a particular topic.

    Many people feel nothing the first few times they smoke weed. Of course, this is more likely if you're smoking mexi ditch weed in the midwest, than if you're puffin' those dank nugs out west. I agree that you should persuade her to try it a few times regardless of what her reaction to her first smoke.

    I don't think it makes any difference as far as the smoking device goes. Go easy on a vape if that's what you're using, and I wold recommend against eating. Choose something that will allow her to easily smoke and easily control her intake.

    Choose a good strain for a mellow high with a good, relaxing body buzz.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: If she looks kind of uncomfortable or pale, DON'T ASK IF SHE IS OK!!!! THAT WILL MAKE HER DISCOMFORT WORSE!!!!! Say noting unless she asks you, or tells you she doesn't feel good. Then just calmly explain that some people get a mild panic reaction, BUT IT IS HARMLESS AND WILL PASS!!! Don't let her fears snowball into a panic attack. Always remind her that nobody has ever suffered any damage to their body or brain from trying ganja.
  16. You may wish to offer fluids at that point, warm beverages are good. Hydration, and distraction.

  17. werddd i get depressed remembering the days i would get high as fuck off of a few hits of like barely dank shit.
  18. Here is some great advice:

    Never give someone who has never smoked pot, grav bong hits. Or you might be hosing down your driveway?
  19. DON'T GIVE HER TOO MUCH! She'll have a very low tolerance.

    Oh, and keep you dick out in case she thinks weed is actually an aphrodisiac, just to test the power of the placebo effect. Ifyahknowwhatimsaying :ey:

    EDIT: OMG, I'm so naming my dick "The Placebo Effect" now :D

  20. you can make your own protein shack if you know what i mean lol, but yea i'd get a bubbler for the device of choice

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