Some tips for amatuer glass "worker"

Discussion in 'General' started by 420Danny, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hey, so just so you guys and girls dont get the wrong idea, i dont have anywhere near the amount of money i need in order to actually work with do it yourself glass, but what i have been doing for a little while is buying crappy 10 dollay sliders and downstems and cannibalizing them into the pieces and shapes that i want.

    Now I'm no prodigy on this crap but not only is it loads of fun but you really can work with the glass if you get a good enough torch.
    Im only using propane right now but with a nozzle thtat shoot out a condensed torch so it actually gets the glass red hot and workable.

    I just bought a slider the other day that was one size too big for my bong so instead of returning it (which would still be hard to manage) i used the torch and another broken slider that was the right size for the bong. So i cut the stem on bowl A (the one thats too big) and welded on the correct fitting stem B.

    Its a bit sloppy but it works and theres no leaks or cracks. I was just wondering if anyone else had ever tried this and if they had any tips or ideas as to what kind of tools i could use in order to work with better stuff. like what kind of gas should i be using and whatnot. :bongin:
  2. Damn man. Upload some of your work? I am real curious
  3. ^^Same here man I'm curious as hell. Sounds like you've got real ambition for this.
  4. Sounds awesome, not many of us get to do that
  5. I think there's a future talent here....
  6. Thanks all, and yea ill try to upload pics soon

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