some thoughts while I'm rolling on XXXX

Discussion in 'General' started by el-producto, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. ok well i'm rolling hard as fuck. i popped 3 blue dolphins earlier tonight. my pupils are biiiig hahaha. got some good drum & bass playing. i've been thinking, i need to quit all the drugs i do. and i do a lot of shit. i'm going to college in a few months and i dont want to be doing any bullshit like this......and the only way to stop everything is seperating myself from my friends. they supply me my drugs, got me try a lot of shit for my first time and what not. i dont know, sorry about this rambling. i got a lot of shit on my mind and a lot of shit to take care of. later
  2. Ah,the comedown.

    Last night i popped 3 1/2 stars and sniffed half a one, we were up buzzing all night.

    Great nights.
  3. rockin to here the ravers have infaltraded grasscity..finally. i've talked of the e for along time on this forum and i never have any backing...heres to the rollazzzzz. peace

    p.s. saw crystal method on my freind adam the other night, it was gooood
  4. Raving while rolling with your friends in one of the best feelings ever, everyone just loving the buzz.
  5. ive tried X once.... best high ive ever had, best ive ever felt in my life.

    But im not gonna do it again because that shit is hard on your head.
  6. damn i dont know why the hell i made this post and shit. i got home and was still rolling hard and started thinking about a bunch of shit uhhh i need a blunt or something. my only complaint with rolls is that they dont last too long...need a few to get you going for a long time and they're pricey
  7. Pricey? How much is pricey? Over here they'r £3 for one and the price goes down when bought in larger amounts.
  8. damn, 3 franks for one!? omg, here you gotta pay 20-25 for triple stacks
  9. $15 for 1. $40 for 3
  10. 3 pound sterling for each one, not frank.

    Yea, the cheap prices are great over here for it, very cheap compared to other parts of the world.
  11. I LOVE E i did it once it was SOOO great just drove around all night with my friends listenin to music everyone cared so much about everyone. then we went and watched the movie Honey it seemed like 10 min long lol. Alot of fun stuff happened that night..............ahhhhhhh
    wish i had some right now :(
  12. It's a euphoric feeling, things just feel right.
  13. adam is bueno, but it's not really a pop and go drug... im suprised to hear that many of you roll and go out, since the effects of e can be stimulated by outside happenings... this pretty much means there is stuff you can do to make your hit better. i could talk forever on differtnt stuff you should do that is awsoem on e, but pretty much what im saying is that e is club drug. i used to go after school with my buddies and roll e we got so into it, but after awile we realized that we were killing our brains, and that we should just roll when we had specific stuff to do in mind, which pretty much consisted of raves and clubs that have raves every night. I would HIGHLY recomend this to all. Roll a tripple smilie and rave your brains out instead of hitting e and being in reguler surroundings, this way you will enjoy it waaaaayyyyy more, you wont need to worry about physical "long term" effects and you probably wont get all addicted to it. last summer i was hittign e almost every day becasue i love it so much. shitty thying is, is that e is liek a big drug, not liek weed or normal pills, it is seriose and you should treat it liek that...i found out the hard way...after rolling so much e i have some issues with being able to smell stuff and hear stuff sometimes. best thing to keep in mind though is drink loads of water with it, i mena like a couple leters. have one before and one with it and then a tall glass after you hit it and drink ulot wqhen you get thirsty while rolling.... that mkae sit almsot completely harmless.

    now real quik, i wanta talk about trance and raves ect. verty very good. got it? check out crystal method, 6 strings, dj. hyper, alice dj, dj trppy, and my man dj. tropic who i know. techno's complicated beats and heavy electronic sound stimulate ex and make everything kick ass. peace

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