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Some Thoughts on Super Size Me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by havingfun, May 17, 2010.

  1. So I'm watching Super Size Me,

    About 30 minutes in I see the interview
    with the Prince of Pot.

    What I found interesting was when he said

    60 out of 65 of the patients he cured who
    were "addicted" to pot did not have their
    biological father in their lives during their

    Amazingly, this is the same for me. Now, I
    never would have directly correlated me smoking
    pot to me not having my father in my life, but I started
    smoking pot a few months ago, and within these
    few months I have grown more as a man

    (physically as my drive to workout has skyrocketed,
    and mentally as I have been reading books and
    expanding my knowledge)

    Perhaps than pot is an attractive source for
    the "little homie in the room" mentioned in
    a kid cudi song. It's a way for people (mostly
    men since we go through issues of manhood,
    ego, and wealth power and success)
    and to rise
    through the adversity.

    Or maybe it's like that for me, and perhaps a common
    attribute for other "successful" people who smoke pot.

    Not the people who do it and laze around
    the rest of their lives
  2. Haha.

    I'm a little bit buzzed right now
    but definitely not high.

    I guess I gotta blame it on being
    tired as I haven't slept yet (school
    also starts in a few hrs -_-)

    Just recognized I labeled this thread
    as "super size me" and also in my OP.

    I won't edit cuz I find it hilarious in retrospect.
  3. i like the thought. +rep
  4. I believe the flick is "Super High Me"...... haha just read the rest of your post, sorry man I'm sure you already know that. The prince of pot cracks me up, Doug Bensen didn't even get a single word in on that guy...
  5. He musta had to.

    It just was probably edited to make
    that part look funny.

    He does seem like a good guy to
    conversate with.

    Oh well, finishing up this documentary
    now, already took the morning shower.

    Bout to bake then begin my day..

    No sleep, but i'll be home soon so
    I'll crash then :wave:
  6. Marijuana can help us overcome, or stay locked in a perpetual cycle.

    It all depends on the person in my opinion.
  7. I find that it helped me develop positive habits,
    perhaps because I started smoking MJ during
    the same time I've been trying to improve myself
    in other areas.
  8. My dad was in my live in my childhood and i still smoke weed :eek:, i guess im one of those five hmmm
  9. He didn't say addicted to pot, he said drug addicts, and prior to that he said "I, for anything, have a good reason to never use drugs". So I figure he doesn't refer to marijuana as a drug.

    Addicted to anything else? o_O

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