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some thing i saw on erowid

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. 14.4.3 DXM + Mushrooms + LSD + Cannabis + Nitrous Oxide

    M. C. (male) suggests:

    A while back there were some discussions here about seeing God. I would like to make my own suggestion.

    Pop 600mg DXM; wait 1 hour
    Eat 3-4 grams of cubensis [mushrooms].
    Drop a few tabs [of LSD]; wait approximately 1 hour.
    Smoke as many bowls as pot as you can before your lungs start leaping out your mouth
    Get the 2 cans of whipped cream out of the refrigerator that you purchased earlier for this purpose.
    Sit down and do the 2 whippets one after the other.
    Make sure you pay attention because you only get about 10 seconds.
  2. sounds cool but i would never do it
  3. if i ever get the chance...

    DXM, that's the stuff that's aka 'Dexies' yeah?

    i doubt i'll see god, but it sure will be worth it just for the fun of it! :D :D :D
  4. haha, id say u got like an hour to talk to god if u did that. lol. well, ill try to remember to do that when i get to be like 80 years old. when im that old, ill be shootin up, droppin acid and doin lines every chance i get...ill be dead in a few years anyways, LOL.
  5. sounds interesting ... but no ... wouldnt do it ...
  6. i've never done ANYTHING sides weed, so If i did all that, I'd prally be trippin for like 5 days, lol
  7. Or dead.^^^

    Before anyone besides Dingusus tries this you may want to get some info on it. Better to be safe than sorry!
  8. here would be my concoction... first you crush up about 15,000mg of vitamine C pills into a very fine powder. mix with OJ until completely dissolved. drink about half of this mixture. chomp down 1/2 ounce of fuckin insane shrooms, wash down with peyote juice (6 buttons soaked in water), do a 10 strip of acid (paper hits), then drink the other half of the vitamine C juice. after about 15 minutes you'll start tripping... wait a half hour and smoke start smoking a half ounce of dank that's already in the form of pre-packed goddies (stuffed blunts where you don't break 'em open. just completely empty and pack with buds)... if you ever come back to reality let us know how it was :D
  9. or you could just rip a gigantic line of k (ketamine), prob like the whole lic in one shot. Then wait about 5 minutes and prepare to feel and see a whole lot more then god.
  10. ...why not just smoke some salvia?

  11. the k hole, lol... lsd's over 4,000 times stronger than ketamine... 10 hits of the cid that's been going around lately would put a lic of K to shame, lol... but hey... whatever floats your boat.
  12. oo oo let me play...

    ok, so you take as many bananas as you can and make a big batch of drugs by boiling em down in a pot. then cut the leaves of a whole bunch of apples and stick em in a back. get some cough medicine cuz some dude said it fucks you up. get some weed, but if you cant find any just get salvia, its a good subsitute. order some of that legal weed of the net cuz its killer shit. then get 3 big bags of nutmeg.

    put all this in the blender for 20 minutes.

    smoke a quarter of the mixture. eat a quarter of the mixture. snort a quarter of it. and inject the rest into your body intravenously.

    this should get you a rad buzz dude! then you can go back to school and ms.olson wont even know we are stoned dudeeee!
  13. thats funny man
  14. ive seen him posting new things around here,
    i wonder if he stuck to what he said 2 years ago

    so how about it stylez, if you see this
    have you only done weed, or have you moved on to bigger and better things?
  15. well.. the acid I get is around 500ug per hit so all ide have to do is take a few of those haha
  16. Skittles, those posts are two years old lol. 2.5 lol.
  17. Oh good old thread.

    I think I'd die if I took that. When I want to see god I'll just take a few e and a couple blotters. That should make for a spiritual experience.
  18. DMT is all it takes.
  19. Yeah, I hear people meet god on DMT all the time. But uh, they only do it once because it scares the piss out of them.
  20. man anyone to try that is just retarded you'll deff die and shit you'd bug out hard fuckin core

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